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The War for Digital World’s Peace

Digimon Xros Wars is an Anime series which is the sixth installment to the Digimon Series by Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animation. It was broadcasted since July 6, 2010 on TV Asahi, spanning for at least three seasons or arcs. Also, it was streamed overseas via Crunchyroll and Bilibili Asia app.

Xros Wars (Cross Wars, or even X-Wars) is an another type of Digimon’s way to grow or evolve. It is done by fusing with at least two or more Digimons.

Series Info
Digimon Xros Wars
TitleDigimon Xros Wars
GenreAdventure, Fantasy
CreatorAkiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation (Concept)
Riku Sanjo (Story)
Based FromDigital Monster by Bandai
DirectorTetsuya Endo (Season 1 & 2)
Yukio Kaizawa (Season 3)
MusicKousuke Yamashita
Animation StudioToei Animation
Original Airing Date (First Episode)July 6, 2010
Official Website[S1&S2]

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“I will become Digimon King! I will bring back peace to this world!”

A boy named as Taiki Kudo dreamt about waging war against the evil Digimon empire, called as the Bagra Army. He wields the X Loader (Xros Loader) Digivice in order to combine his ally Digimons to form a powerful Digimon to battle against them.

One day, the city is under attack, when evil Digimons are able to wreck havoc elsewhere. And then, Taiki, along with his two friends, Akari and Zenjirou, were transported into the Digital World, when Taiki has shouted his name, and received the X Loader in front of him.

When they were under attack by the overwhelming wild Digimons on the way, a red little dragon has come to save them. A dragon Digimon, named as Shoutmon, is aiming to be the Digimon King, and he will do everything to return the Digital World back to its original state. Shoutmon finally joins Taiki and his friends in their quest to return the Digital World back to normal by defeating the Bagra Army who has reign supreme over it.

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Digimon Xros Wars is divided into three (3) seasons, which lasts for at least 79 Episodes in total. Seasons 1 and 2 are combined for the full story of the Anime, while Season 3 is being an extra — telling the events after the end of the second season.

To watch this Anime series, please refer to the Anime Streaming Guide page for more info.

Season 1
1Taiki, To the Other World!
2Shoutmon, Roar!
3The Rival Kiriha Appears!
4Island Zone Tension!
5The Digi-Memory Shines!
6X4, Overcoming Odds!
7The Volcano Digimon Explosion!
8The Fierce General Tactimon Closes In!
9Dorulumon, Run Like a Wind!
10Taiki Becomes a Knight!
11Xros Heart, Burn Up!
12Sand Zone, A Great Adventure in the Ruins!
13Taiki, A Warrior of the Goddess!
14The Warrior Beelzebumon Dances!
15Heaven Zone, The Paradise’s Trap
16Here Comes the Dark Knight Digimon!
17The Miraculous Digi Xros! Shoutmon X5 Flies!
18Stingmon, the Great Forest’s Digimon Hero
19The Legendary Deckerdramon Moves!
20Dust Zone, GrandLocomon’s City of Junk!
21Decisive Battle! DarkKnightmon VS Xros Heart!
22Wisemon, the Secrets of the Digital World!
23Shinobi Zone, the Comical Ninja Battle!
24Dropout Monitamons, Go for It!
25The Zone’s Crumble! The Tension Between Taiki and Kiriha Rises!
26Shoutmon’s Proof of a King!
27Sweets Zone, The Sweet Tooth Digimon Battle
28The Final Weapon Activation! Hang in There Cutemon!
29Taiki and Kiriha VS the Bagra Army, Total Decisive Battle!
30A New Journey!! Tokyo Showdown!!
Season 2: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms
Digimon Xros Wars (Season 2): The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms

After Taiki returns to Digital World via Omegamon’s Digi Memory powers, while leaving Akari and Zenjiro behind, the Digital World has become different. It was divided into seven kingdoms or Lands, one per each kingdom is being lead by an Evil Death General. Alongside Taiki are his former rivals, Kiriha Aonuma and Nene Amano, and they travel together within the seven kingdoms or Lands to defeat the Death Generals in order to reach Bagramon’s land.

31Towards a New World! The Blazing General of the Dragon Land
32Stand Up, Kiriha! The Xros Heart’s Rescue Mission
33Feel the Thrill! The Moonlight General of the Vampire Land
34Never Die Greymon! The Birth of Shoutmon DX
35The Power is Absorbed! The Hunters of the Honey Land
36The Laughing Hunter! Zamielmon the Wooden Spirit
37My Brother, Why!? The Enemy General Yu’s Nightmare
38The Mysterious Cyber Land! The Beautiful Girl’s City of Steel
39The Xros Heart’s Break-Up Trouble! The Water General’s Despicable Trap
40The Cheerful Pirates Arrive! Sail on the Gold Land!!
41The Gold Pirate Olegmon Laughs! Farewell, Xros Heart!
42Whispering at Kiriha! A Devil’s Invitation from the Earth-God General of the Canyon
43The Strongest Love! Deckerdramon’s Last Scream!!
44The Bonds of X7! Gravimon’s Sublime Battle!!
45The Last Kingdom, The Shining Sun of the Bright Land!
46The Do-or-Die Hell General’s Decisive Battle!
47Taiki VS Yu! The Showdown Between the Young Generals!
48Beelzebumon Vanishes into the Light!
49Taiki’s Choice! Surpass the Strongest Apollomon!
50Resurrected! The Reappearance of the Seven Death Generals!!
51For the Digital World’s Own Future! The Fellowship with the Death Generals!
52Bagra Brothers, The Bonds of Evil
53It Approaches! D5: The Human World’s Doomsday
54Glorious Digi Xros, Grab Our Future!!
Season 3: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time
Digimon Xros Wars (Season 3): The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time

One year later, after the Xros Heart has defeated DarknessBagramon, Tagiru Akashi becomes the new Digimon user, who turned out to be a Digimon Hunter, along with his partner, Gumdramon. The Human World is then slowly being merged with an unknown parallel dimension, called as the DigiQuartz. Only the Digimon Hunters who have the X Loaders can able to shift to the DigiQuartz in order to hunt down delinquent Digimons who are distracting and playing lives with unsuspecting humans. Tagiru, along with Taiki and Yu Amano, must find out the mysteries with the existence of the DigiQuartz, and the clashing with their rival Digimon Hunters along the way.

1 (55)We Are the Digimon Hunters!
2 (56)The Students Are Missing! Sagomon’s Wavering Shadow
3 (57)The Robot Club’s Dream, Pinocchimon’s Enticement
4 (58)The Honor Students are Targetted! Blossomon’s Smile
5 (59)Beware of Cuteness! Airu the Cute Hunter’s Trap!
6 (60)Digimon Kendo Match! Approach Kotemon’s Blade!
7 (61)Okonomiyaki Panic! The Pagumon-Covered Town
8 (62)Digimon Hunting is Trendy! The Shopping District’s Best Hunter!
9 (63)Taiki is Targetted! The Celebrity Super Star’s Shout!
10 (64)Travel to Hong Kong! Protect the Super Beautiful Girl Idol!!
11 (65)Tagiru Becomes Soft!? Gumdramon’s in Trouble!!
12 (66)Delicious? Awful? A Digimon Ramen Contest!
13 (67)Childrens-Only World Trip! The Digimon Train of Dreams
14 (68)The Hunters Gathering! The Digimon Contest in the Southern Island!
15 (69)Want Some Friends? The Devilish Promise of Phelesmon
16 (70)A Thrilling Horror Experience! The Spirit Hunter Howls!
17 (71)Real? Fake? The Phantom Thief of Disguise, Betsumon
18 (72)UFO and Dinosaur Gathering! The Dreamy Ekakimon
19 (73)Underwater Adventure! Find the Digimon Treasure of Dreams!
20 (74)The Rare Cards Are Gone! The Invincible RookChessmon
21 (75)The Dreamy Amusement Park, Digimon Land!
22 (76)The Golden Insect! The Mystery of MetallifeKuwagamon
23 (77)The Mysteries Behind the Digimon Hunt Are Revealed!
24 (78)Legendary Heroes Great Gathering! The Digimon All Star Rumble!!
25 (79)Heat Up Tagiru! The Glorious Digimon Hunt!

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Taiki KudoMinami Takayama
ShoutmonChika Sakamoto
Tagiru Akashi (3)Marina Inoue
Gumdramon (3)Kumiko Watanabe
Akari Hinomoto
Mervamon (2)
Ryoko Shiraishi
Quartzmon (3)
Takahiro Sakurai
Zenjiro Tsurugi
Beelzebumon (Xros Wars)
Daisuke Kishio
Kiriha Aonuma
Greymon (Xros Wars)
Takeshi Kusao
Nene Amano
Ren Tobari (3)
Houko Kuwashima
SparrowmonKokoro Kikuchi
Yu AmanoKanae Oki
DamemonMasami Kikuchi
Ryouma Mogami (3)Tetsuya Kakihara
Airu Suzaki (3)Megumi Han
TactimonBin Shimada
DarkKnightmonJurota Kosugi
Clockmon (Xros Wars) (3)Yuko Maruyama
Numbers indicated next to each character is relative to the Season that they first appeared.
Digivolved or fused Digimons are having the same VAs.

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