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Meet the King’s Daughter!

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“Will you go out for a date with me?”

Touka, Anri, and Yuna had traversed a lot of adventures. They encountered a lot of enemies in the way, and Touka’s body, as the Legendary Hero, has completely rotten, turning himself into a skeleton. They had arrived at the town, where their task is to get some money from the king.

Eventually, Touka finally meets with the King’s daughter, while Anri and Yuna are looking for ways on how they could increase their Mana Levels when they cast magic.

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A beautiful, yet a glutton princess. Let’s review this Episode!

Let’s get to know the princess, who was named as Marguerit Farom! Basically, she was like a beautiful girl who was locked in a castle — common for some RPGs with those knight-and-dragon and save-the-princess themes. She can be a beauty by appearance, but a total glutton when it comes to eating good food! And then, she was somehow supplied with some Mana, in order to keep up her stamina, aside from her just eating food. These kinds of girls like Marguerit are soft-spoken and sweet, and more likely targetted by perverts like Touka Scott!

And going to the main character, Touka as the Legendary Hero, Sion. It’s really a feature that the dead hero can be a skeleton, who could fight until his last bone. Due to the fact that skeletons are the foundation of every Human bodies, Touka seems to be left empty, aside from the fact that he and his party are penniless — no money in their pockets to continue their adventures. But there is only one thing that never leaves the main character — being the pervert by thigh-high socks fetishism!

Story in this Episode is just plain, where it is straight to the point that they need some money in order to continue their quest to seal the Hell’s Gate. And the branching storyline makes it somehow complex and confusing, for me, and I can no longer able to track with the main plot. Which means, I am being diverted into a different story branch, where it would end in a cliffhanger just in order to clear the other story branch. And as usual, I am just laughing with Touka, while looking at the glutton princess’ bare legs. And don’t forget about Yuna, showing some arousing “sexy” parts while being held captive, beware.

For some reason, Marguerit did really accept Touka as the Legendary Hero Sion, despite that she was being a victim to Touka’s pervert schemes. But then, as always, any girls like her can hit them back like trucks. And in the end, I got nothing to learn something from this Episode, so far.

And overall, this Episode do really make me down, when you have to watch the other Episode to make it complete. I ain’t feeling good when the story becomes boring when it’s complicated. But, if the story doesn’t look too odd, then this one can do better. Also, that Marguerit princess is really captivating… Don’t just judge by her beauty.

My Rating: BAD (2.1/5)

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Series Info
© Subaruichi・Shogakukan / The Legendary Hero is Dead! Production Committee

This Anime series can be watched on Crunchyroll, MUSE Asia, and on Bilibili Asia app. Please check out local listings of your Anime licensing company for the details about time and availability.

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