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Time to become like him!

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Overview (Story)
“Huh? What happened? As if I am like the Hero!?”

Just after Sion, the Legendary Hero, has sealed away the Demon King three years ago, he died after he fell into a pitfall, when he got distracted by Touka, who actually set that trap when a monster attacks their town.

And that night, Touka did bury Sion’s dead body somewhere. And when the day time comes, Touka finally finds himself being inside the dead hero’s body, acting now as Sion the Legendary Hero himself.

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An eyeball shot off? Will this first Episode have a good impression, for me, so far?

Weird fatality and some little lewd scenes here. Let’s get on to the review proper!

Meet the town villager, Touka Scott. He is a man who is not aware on what is he doing. And he is just fantasizing things, such as looking at his vegetable plants (daikon radish plants) as girls’ thighs, and he is wearing socks at it. Pretty weird and lewd, huh? And that’s Touka as the MC.

Yuna Eunice is a kind of girl who got a blond yellow hair, thick thighs, and her character is hot and fierce, and her punches and kicks can hit and hurt like a truck. Yep, and she is a childhood friend for Touka. Yuna also likes the Legendary Hero, Sion, who saved her from the Demon King’s army years ago.

And then, Anri Haysworth is a Necromancer who has an ability to transfer spirits of people, whether living or dead. As usual, Anri is a tsundere character, and she is talking like a barbarian, somehow, when arguing.

As much that I have known, this series got a lot of characters and casts to boot on. But then, will they able to fit in throughout the entire broadcast period duration. Just exclude things from the Manga source, as usual. But I think that this Anime series is just acting as an “Introductory Anime”, for those people who haven’t seen nor read its original Manga series counterpart.

For the discussion, let’s talk about the characters again, especially with Touka Scott. Touka can be a coward and pervert, as usual, just like some other male MCs in other adventure-themed Anime series with a harem genre. Yep, and as mentioned earlier, he is a lover of every girls’ thicc (thick) thighs. Yep, a love for girls’ thick thighs can be considered as every man’s fetishistic desire for sexual relationships. And maybe is it because that many men today are becoming perverts now? And Yuna is just hitting Touka like a truck, though. And talking about Yuna, she is sweet in both inside and outside, when it comes with Sion. But really not, when it comes with talking to Touka. And Anri is your usual tsundere girl who is talking like barbarian when arguing, but got her cool side when things are serious. Also, I had noted Anri as being a girl with runny nose when I first saw her in animation.

Let’s go with story! First Episode is basically better when it is watched from the beginning. But for me, it is not good when it progresses. A lot of weird scenes had been spotted here. Maybe, due to the fact that there are some “lewd and sexy” scenes out there, such as Yuna showing at Touka’s front, stripped off some of her clothes while wearing some high knee socks, and some other female characters showing some other assets, like top breasts. What a fan service, though. And about that weird scene just before Sion dies on the spot by falling into that pitfall, they just filled in with some unnecessary comedy that has no relation with the plot.

For the music. The opening theme and ending theme sung by Masayoshi Oishi and Yurika Kubo, respectively, has brought me back to the year where I really started to familiarize and remember them as either singers or VAs. Yep, and it is because one artist there is a former idol, though. Overall, the beat of those songs are good of a catch, for me.

And the message of this Episode, in which that I have learned, tells everyone that “What happens when your senpai or whatever mentor or master has finally passed away, or is no longer with you?” What are we going to do when they are no longer with us? Of course, you will inherit the things that you have learned from your senpai, and you can use them for your own future, or even trying to continue his legacy. That’s right, on what we call as the “Baton Pass”, the successor will try his or her best to continue his or her master’s legacy. And it is really up to the successor on how he could be able to create his future — whether he is going on a different direction, a way different from the path that his master has traversed before.

Overall, a simple meaning or message from this Episode does really make me interested for me to continue to watch it. However, some scenes, such as waste-of-time lewd and fetish “high knee socks” can really make me thumbs down. As if some scenes there can make a male watcher to become a “pervert”, especially when he is still at a young teenage age. Definitely, I ain’t recommending to watch it, especially if you are young minded. But then, otherwise, you may enjoy some comedy and lewd scenes there. You can be a real man, but don’t be a pervert on the real world — Just do them only within the fictional isekai Anime!

My Rating: AVERAGE (2.5/5)

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Series Info
© Subaruichi・Shogakukan / The Legendary Hero is Dead! Production Committee

This Anime series can be watched on Crunchyroll, MUSE Asia, and on Bilibili Asia app. Please check out local listings of your Anime licensing company for the details about time and availability.

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