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Apocalypse II: The Unwavering Bonds

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Overview (Story)
“Devour or be devoured!”

Siriusmon was obliterated by Regulusmon, and it is now (devouring) absorbing its data. Hiro and others are helpless to do anything, until the time slowed down. A voice from nowhere told Hiro that the only way to revive Siriusmon is to travel inside its body. And to find the fading Gammamon from somewhere in the world where Regulusmon is already eating it up.

When Siriusmon is already revived, Regulusmon makes its last showdown against Hiro and everybody!

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That’s it! The last Episode Review for this Anime! At least, I got nothing to worry about in writing more because of the long Episode count!

Yeah, and that one big hole in the chest — reminded me of Ace’s death in One Piece.

So the actually main villain here is GulusGammamon (Regulusmon) who is basically residing within Gammamon’s body. And Regulusmon got some plenty of deadly attacks that can annihilate anything, including light. Its main attack is called as Gran TrES. Regulusmon is only of “Ultimate” level, but it can already wipe out the likes of any Mega Level Digimons, like Amphimon and Diarbbitmon! Yep, and that’s it for GulusGammamon, as Regulusmon.

Digimon Ghost Game didn’t really have enough time to introduce some familiar Digimons that appeared in some previous Episodes, and in this last Episode. Actually, they just crammed to put everyone in one picture or scene! But then, it is really nice to see those familiar Digimons coming from Tamers, and others.

And of course, Kiyoshiro is always susceptible to sensitive beings, especially with some alluring female voices which does look scary, and always freaking him out. Overall, the characters did their major parts already at the previous Episodes, except in the last Episode, where Hiro and Gammamon are the main focuses here. So much for Angoramon here as well, since he is acting more human-like than in any other Digimon in this series. Oh, and don’t forget about Clockmon and Mummymon who also become their previous villains, but turned later into Hiro’s allies.

Story is much like a reused plot. Whenever hope is lost, then there is some what we call “bonds”. Those bonds of one another can eventually make them win at the end, when the villain is almost close at winning the flag. Yep, something to learn again from this final Episode, wherein it is really present in some other Anime series as well.

“Devour or be devoured!” Yeah, some familiar quote that I had heard before.

Overall, this series is really interesting, when there are single-arc Episodes to watch in. So that it won’t allow you to be stressed, especially when the other Anime shows that you had watched has ended in cliffhanger or something.

Overall, the characters are nice, especially with Gammamon and Angoramon. And it has also given the opportunity to let some minor Digimons, like Espimon, to shine on the stage when the heroes are down!

And that’s it for the Episode Reviews of Digimon Ghost Game! Thank you for reading!

So then, the continuity of this Anime series is very possible. Only, if Toei Animation decides to do it, though.

My Rating: GOOD (4.2/5)

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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