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Apocalypse I: The Jet-Black Flame of Disaster

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“The time has finally come, Big-Bro!”

They had faced the powerful BloomLordmon along the way. BloomLordmon is very powerful, and not even the Mega Form trio Digimons can square off against him. All is lost when they were devastatingly defeated. However, the true villain just lies within when Gammamon has finally lost its colors. The true endgame Digimon villain that Hiro and others will face is their final target. It has finally appeared before in their eyes. And that Digimon is…

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Heard that “inner voice”? Of course, the endgame villain here is the main hero Digimon!

An expected twist that the main hero shall be the villain here! Let’s get on to the Penultimate Review!

The Finale of Grief. That’s what I had said before when I had shared a news about this Anime series’ penultimate and final Episodes!

Seemingly, they had only demonstrated the Digivolution animation scenes here, and they are all looking good! However, when they all attack, they were all defeated, lol

And this proves that they had no use in defeating a powerful Digimon villain, if they are all showing off and flaunting.

Seemingly, I had sided with GulusGammamon when I had totally cheered him when the heroes are unable to beat the powerful Digimon villain anymore. But not when I had saw the scene when I had found out that GulusGammamon is just only fused with Gammamon, who acted as the “Inner Voice”. Totally, this has reminded me of an old RPG video game, where that “Inner Voice” who helped the main hero defeat the villain is actually the “true villain” himself.

I had already expected the twist here, and the Digimons that they battle aren’t just the villains here. The one who is dark and powerful is also the one who is more destructive and evil.

But then, I had noticed something familiar here, since in some other Anime show that I had watched, it has also shown the same “tragic” scene, everytime when the end of March is near. Sometimes, almost all of these such tragic scenes are all happening in the month of March. But hey, let me backtrack on that, so that I have a proof!

In this Episode, I have learned that heroes fall and die, not only because their enemies are powerful and invincible. Also, the emotional factor of that main hero has caused him to be empty, and has ended up losing while losing his or her sight where his or her allies are no longer with them.

Overall, I had really expected that this endgame Digimon will be on that featured image of this post! No wonder that Regulusmon will definitely erase all of our heroes in just one bite attack next Episode. So then, will it be a tragic ending? Or it will be an ending where all such questions can be asked?

Next Episode Review is the LAST. Please don’t fail to watch the last one!

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.8/5)

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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