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Which Home Should I Go Back to?

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)
“Welcome back home, Rein!”

With Nina joining Rein’s party now, they have no space or room in the inn that they are staying. As suggested by Natalie, they should need a new home to stay within the town. They had finally found a house to stay in, but there is a mysterious paranormal ghost that lies within. And who is this ghost that try to threaten Rein’s party, and to sweep them out from the house?

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Episode Finale! Let’s review this one, and this shall be the last!

Final Episode is just really boring or nothing. You can really skip this until the last part! However, if you really plan to follow the story, then you can still watch this, then reading the original ongoing novel or Manga counterparts! (Let’s hope for a second season, since the continuity is possible!)

Characters didn’t really change here, and they had introduced some other characters late in the last Episode. But then, on what I had said in the previous paragraph, continuity is possible. I wondered on what could happen with the likes of Kanade and Tania, such as developing their own characters in the future. As for the Heroes Party which were appeared in the end, I think they might be getting stronger as well. Hope that they could find a powerful ally sometime. And Tina (the ghost) got some backstories in which I could describe as “explicit”, based on what she has said to Rein and others.

Story is about when you want to find a home, and the people around you can’t fit inside a room anymore. It really describes here that when you are just alone, and you rent an inn or apartment, you feel peaceful. But not anymore when there are friends who are now joining you. And basically, it also describes that when you got a big family, then you might be considering to find or buy a new house, for everyone to fit in together. And the house is described also as the home — a home for what we call “family”.

Overall, at the entire Episodes that I had watched, it really shows that we can really go back stronger, after we had totally fallen in despair. What does this mean? Also, it really shows in the Anime about the representation of human society — on how people in groups are treating other people in a group or society. We are treated the same, because we are all humans. It is not about doing the favor of someone, or even doing it because our leaders wanted to. It is basically, whenever we are feeling uncomfortable with the people around us, we just leave. Or even, the people around you told you to leave because you feel useless. Why do people leave a group that they are in? It is because, not only they are feeling betrayed, but they are feeling that they are useless, and the people of that group don’t want to make them a useful ally anymore. Of course, the “expelled” people are basically the people who can become “leaders” of the new group that they can even form. And also, people who have common and mutual interests can more likely to be more close and together, like brothers and sisters.

Finally, I can give this Anime series a good rating. I do really like some execution of some scenes here. If you are really aftering for the story theme, and not on the characters, then this one is a go-go, for you.

My Rating (This Episode): GOOD (4.0/5)

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Series Info
English Version (Series Title via Crunchyroll)
©Suzu Miyama, Moto Shigemura / BEAST TAMER Production Committee

Beast Tamer (Full title: 勇者パーティーを追放されたビーストテイマー、最強種の猫耳少女と出会う / A Beast Tamer Who Got Expelled from the Heroes Party Meets a Strongest-Race Nekomimi Girl) is a novel series created and written by Suzu Miyama. Its TV Anime counterpart was aired and streamed since October 2, 2022.

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