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Foresighting Dangers

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)
“We just need to anticipate the leader’s moves.”

After their fishing activity, Hiro and Gammamon decided to go home with Espimon, until it begins to act strange after looking down on the waters. The next day, Hiro is feeling strange and his head begins to hurt and cracking in pain. At that time, he is already foresighting things — what is going to happen on that person ahead of time.

This was caused by the micro Fujitsumon that was implanted on Hiro’s head, and it came from the another group of Digimons, called as Octomons.

Everybody did try to call upon the Octomons. And then, in order to get the micro Fujitsumon to get off from Hiro’s head, they must need to find the Fujitsumon leader somewhere. But everytime Hiro uses Fujitsumon’s foresighting ability, his head hurts more, and he is turning soon into an Octomon. They must find the Fujitsumon leader before it’s too late!

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This is my Episode Review that can hurt my head more because of details!

So then, let me lessen the details here, so that your heads won’t be hurting! And then, the rest of those details shall be up to you by watching this Episode!

I do really like Gammamon growing up here, as he had developed another character trait, where he can actually do fishing with Hiro and Espimon! And then, when I saw Espimon paused a little, this has thought me already about a problem which is about to be escalated more. I had never found it out from the beginning until I had replayed this Episode.

Secondly, the featured Digimon villains of the week aren’t really the ones that caused trouble here. Well, you just need to find out why those Octomons aren’t the enemies here. Sometimes, being featured as a spotlight enemy here doesn’t really mean that they are bad, after all. Sometimes, an enemy that can’t be seen by your naked eye can be your true enemy.

And then, the story here… I do really like the “superpower” or “extraordinary ability” that can allow you to “foresight” on what’s going to happen ahead of time. It is basically, you could able to stop or freeze the time, and then you can see the events that are happening ahead in the future. And after seeing that future in your eyes, your time will resume, and you will do anything in order to change the fate of that person or thing! Well, another Episode where time manipulation is used here again, perhaps. And that’s why Clockmon, the Sewn-Lip Man, is around, isn’t it?

Overall, I do really like the story, only to find out and learned that it was rather referenced from a popular Hollywood horror movie scene (See last paragraph of this review).

I have learned that it is really important to be prepared for the consequences rather than not. But aside from the fact that having “clairvoyant” powers allow you to see what’s going to happen ahead, that doesn’t really mean that you could change the fate of that thing or person all the time. Sometimes, a fate or “planned future” is already ahead of us. And no matter how we change our future, we might be ended up in the same future that is already prepared for us. But then, in order for our future to change direction, we just need to do our work harder. We need to do our own best in order to change the direction of our future lives!

Somehow, the clairvoyant scenes present here are somehow referenced from the known and popular Hollywood movie series scenes, The Final Destination. Watching that movie series can really help you to find out on what really it means of being clairvoyant, perhaps?

My Rating: GOOD (3.9/5)

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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