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Stolen Intelligence

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Overview (Story)
“You do seek knowledge, don’t you?”

One night, a ghost has visited Kiyoshiro’s room, and has kidnapped him. He was brought to a temple, and a red book has appeared in front of him. That book challenged him by letting him to answer his questions. For every correct answer, he gets some portion of knowledge from the book that asked him. But for every wrong answers, he loses part of his own knowledge and intelligence.

Kiyoshiro goes mad, and he has forgotten everybody else. Hiro and others had noticed him too. So then, at the next time when Kiyoshiro was brought to that place again, this is where they found out that a Digimon is already stealing him out of his knowledge and intelligence, for every wrong answers in the questions that he answers!

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To the Episode Review! Alright, let’s make it quick and easy!

I had just finally observed Kiyoshiro’s character development here in a nutshell. So then, what I had understood that “scared” people are really intelligent and smart, while the “braver and tough” people can be dumb and reckless. Of course, the third-week consecutive Warp Digivolution, since Episode 51, was really followed here. First, it’s Gammamon, then followed by Angoramon and Jellymon afterwards, consecutively.

Story theme is just too east to understand here, since it talks mostly about the concept of knowledge and understanding. That’s right! I had really observed here that most of the questions asked by the featured villain Digimon of the Week is quite simple, and always end with the answer which can be a single word or terminology. Eventually, the questions asked by the heroes are usually ended with some answers which have sentences (i.e. “What” or “how” questions can sometimes end with some answers like, “It needs some sunlight to grow”, as example). These situations can possibly be more than just memorizing the terms in your “codigo” paper.

So far, for me, the representation of the Episode is very good, and it’s impressive! In fact, it really shows that “knowledge without works is useless”, and that’s what it means! You know, no matter how smarter and intelligent we are, we must keep in mind that there are situations that not only our knowledge alone can solve. Sometimes, we should really find ways on how we could deal in some situations where memorization of terms and such aren’t really a help to solve our own problems. For example, in some quizzes or exams, you had encountered a question which is not found in your notes that you had jotted down. So then, you just need to do some “understanding” on how will you solve that question — Use some common sense! I call these questions as “application questions”, where you should never use your muscle memory to get the answer you wanted in order to solve it.

That’s it, and to end this Episode Review, in just one sentence, I have learned that knowledge without understanding and works are useless!

My rating: VERY GOOD (4.5/5)

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

For more info, see this page.

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