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What Can I Learn As A Beast Tamer?

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Overview (Story)
“Stealing ore and taming a wild creature are major crimes.”

Rein Shroud’s party has entered inside the mine to investigate on what is happening with the illegal mining of mithril ores. They had encountered several delinquent adventurers, including a Beast Tamer like Rein, inside. When the enemy forces are annihilated, the delinquent Beast Tamer has summoned the Behemoth beast as his last trump card in order to wipe Rein and others out. Rein is just dodging and running away from the Behemoth. What must he do to defeat it?

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Alright. Episode Review. This time, will it be a high or a low?

It seems that the continuation resolution from the previous Episode is quite too short for me to get excited. And then, the focus became centered with Rein and the fairy sisters, Sora and Runa, casting away Tania and Kanade’s spotlights.

Arios become more notorious here, and I am looking more at him as an “evil” hero than a knight hero already. But then, a traitor will be always a traitor, and I and we should believe that! And that NPC girl is very sweet and soft-spoken! Had reminded me of a heroine character from a certain RPG that I had played before — She is carrying a spear weapon, and has big breasts lol (Just only my example!)

Story is just only about 45 percent. Why 45 percent? It is because, the story is just to resolve the part in the previous Episode where Rein finds out that there is an another Beast Tamer just like him, and I had really expected him to be more powerful and bad. And then, where did the other 55 percent go? It goes in the middle where they had explained on what has happened on the first part of this Episode. And then, some more flashbacks… Wherein Sora and Runa remembered their pasts again. And Rein, too. This time, the presence of Kanade and Tania were slowly disappearing as this Episode is ending. Well, we just find out on where are they on the next Episode, then.

Nothing too much to highlight here, except, as I had mentioned, the story to resolve the conflict is just too short. In fact, they hadn’t maximized the minutes of the Episode too much.

And to learn from this Episode, we all know that we can still run away, even if we know that we are powerful and strong, yet the enemy around us are strong, too. Why Rein is running away as he battled the Behemoth? It is because, he isn’t believing himself that he’s powerful, and yet his friends are telling him that he’s strong and always believing at him. If we know that we can do it, we just need to do it, and show everything that we got! It doesn’t matter when we make mistakes, so as long as we could able to finish and show everything what we got in order to impress everybody! And I have learned that although that they are useless, still we don’t be judgmental and we just keep them alongside with us. Though that they don’t have a special ability that can assist us in some situations, still they are deemed useful in some situations where we are already outrunned, or even we are forced to fend ourselves. Not all things are useless, after all. Sometimes, using them wisely in some situations is the only way in order to turn the tables, and we just never conclude that they are really useless.

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.1/5)

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Series Info
©Suzu Miyama, Moto Shigemura / BEAST TAMER Production Committee

Beast Tamer (Full title: 勇者パーティーを追放されたビーストテイマー、最強種の猫耳少女と出会う / A Beast Tamer Who Got Expelled from the Heroes Party Meets a Strongest-Race Nekomimi Girl) is a novel series created and written by Suzu Miyama. Its TV Anime counterpart was aired and streamed since October 2, 2022.

See this page for more information.

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