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Mushroom Frenzy

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Overview (Story)
“Using Human bodies to farm mushrooms is unforgivable!”

A group of Chamblemons are kidnapping any girls who appeared to be wearing white wedding bridal gowns. Their method in kidnapping them is to spread some bacterial gases in a room, making some mushrooms grow in their bodies. And so, when their mushrooms have grown, their life energies are getting weaker with their mushrooms being pulled out.

Ruli was finally kidnapped by these Chamblemons, and Hiro and others were able to trace on where those Digimons are hiding, thanks to a wandering Geremon who has helped them!

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A violent Episode! In fact, my eyes got big because of what has happened! Anyway, let’s head on to the review and impression post!

Wedding scenes are definitely used by almost all types of Anime shows. But then, what if it is used as a horror integration? Definitely, it might give you some horrible and tragic endings, as usual.

It looks like this Episode, as I had said, is quite violent. When I had watched it for myself, I am quite shocked, because of some scenes which would include eating and munching of stuff, especially when Hiro is already under attack here. Yep, and this is something like some flesh-eating zombies that you usually see in some TV shows or movies… Or even in a video game! And that was horrifying.

It seems that all of the heroes were in a pinch here, while the enemies are almost winning. But not until you get some table-turning here in some plot at the three-fourths way of this Episode.

Kiyoshiro goes “wild mode” here, while Jellymon is on her (its) bursting state. But then, I can somehow see some innuendo part here, where Jellymon is uttering the “ike-ike” words here, which would mean something. Even Kiyoshiro is also on that state, too. Overall, I like the twist where some side characters here are beginning to act “awesome”, especially on Ryudamon getting its evolved form in its due time of growth or evolution.

Story is just really moving me in, since the theme is about wedding and some monsters who are making those brides as sacrifices. And to give you some info, the title “The White Bride” is something of a bridal sacrifice, where they would act as brides for that groom, but the groom would just use them as his own collection, where sacrifice is indeed necessary in order to fulfill his goal. And then, I had already played a certain video game where I had found this scene midway.

Something to learn from this Episode, I got. Sometimes, our greed and desire for power are really growing within us, just like those Chamblemon. But then, what would happen if we continue to harness and abuse those powers and resources that we acquire? Of course, when the time has come, those powers will eventually betray us, and we shall be put into shame and defeat.

Rating for this Episode is above average (4.2/5).

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

For more info, see this page.

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