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Human Experiment

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Overview (Story)
“My body was mixed up with a human body!?”

Shadramon is almost dying, and his body was already dissolving into data. And then, this tiny Digimon, named as Nanomon (Datamon), has completely absorbed the dying Shadramon’s data, telling it that it can be reincarnated as someone else. And also, Nanomon used the dissolved data of Shadramon, merging it to a suspected human victim as its human experiment.

Slowly, the victim’s body is finally acting strange, and several body parts of Shadramon is appearing all over his body, and Kiyoshiro is somehow in fear. Now, they must really find the Digimon who is behind this! And Mummymon has said and believed that it has something to do with the breaking of a Digimon’s Life Cycle, when a Digimon has died and it has turned into a Digi-Egg.

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Terrifying! Let’s read the Episode Review and Impression!

The question is how did Shadramon ended up injured while reaching from the Digital World to the Human World? And also, another familiar Digimon from a game (Digimon World 2) has appeared, and that’s Nanomon or Datamon, in English. I am just really seeing those nostalgic Digimons bit by bit as this series goes on.

Thetismon (Jellymon’s Ultimate Level Form) has finally appeared here, after Gammamon and Angoramon’s Ultimate Level Forms have repeatedly appeared in the past Episodes. Maybe the fans are wondering on when Thetismon shall appear again (The last appearance was from an Episode where they fight a horde of skeleton zombies).

Mummymon is just going scary here, in which his expressions and grin are not children-friendly after all. Instead, the children might be just scared at him, due to his evil-looking grin.

The story is basically showing on what would actually happen to us next after we die. That simple question can be answered with a simple answer. The Episode title in this Anime is “Eternal Memories”, where it basically shows that our memories can still be retained, even if we are reincarnated as someone else, or even an another creature or animal. However, not all of our memories would be remained intact, perfectly.

And in this Episode, we could learn that reincarnation is possible (In some other religious beliefs, it is not possible). It is true that we all die, while having our memories die along with us. But there is only one question that lies after our death. What happens to our soul after we die? The answer? Our soul will just fly and it lives forever. So then, no matter how many times we are hurt and wounded during and after every countless battles, no one can ever touch or hurt our eternal souls, where our memories are there. But for the memories, they can be forgotten once we die. A human can be possibly reincarnated on the same body. However, the soul is no longer there, and it would never go back. It is because, that soul have learned to move on, and will just try to reborn as somebody else, but not the same human or creature that possess the same previous character or traits. And that’s why, every people were born different and unique from one another. And there is no such thing as experimental reincarnation. If it happens that a person is reincarnated again from his or her dead body, will they be the same person as they are? Of course not, because their own souls are no longer there!

My rating here is just above average, with a scale of 4 out of 5. The story representation is somehow making the viewers know about on what that reincarnation thing is about, and why some religions are against it.

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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