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What is a Beast Tamer?

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Overview (Story)
How should a Beast Tamer tame and train animals?

[Episode 1]

Rein is a member of the Heroes Party who got expelled, noted for his uselessness in the party, whenever he is under attack by some strong enemies, in which it always ends his comrades to be also in danger. Noted for his weak combat capability, Rein is called as the Beast Tamer, who could tame any beasts or creatures, thus forming a temporary contract with him in order to help him to carry his own tasks.

As Rein was carrying out his first quest in order to become an adventurer, after his expulsion from the Heroes Party, he meets this Nekomimi girl, named as Kanade, who believes to be originated from the Cat Tribe, one of the strongest and rare races ever found in the lands. Rein finally forms contract, as a Beast Tamer himself, with Kanade, in order for him to become stronger in his adventures. And then, this is where Rein can able to learn and realize that taming some animals and creatures could allow him to access their abilities in order for him to become stronger in battles.

[Episode 2]

Rein finally finishes his first-ever quest, which appears as a test quest in order for him to become an adventurer. And then, Rein just needs to do more quests, along with Kanade, in order to become stronger.

And then, along the way, when his quest is about to be finished, some random troubles are along the way, such as some other townspeople are under attack by some random thieves and bandits. Unbelievably, Rein was able to take those enemies out, thanks to his contract seal with Kanade. In addition for his completed quest, they decided to do an “extra” quest, and they traced down the trail on where the bandits are hiding.

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For the first time ever, I am going to review the two Episodes into one Review and Impression post!

Let’s get to know the characters! Actually, they were already foreshadowed at the opening credits of this Anime, though! But then, details can be given once the series is progressing.

Meet the Beast Tamer, Rein (レイン). I think his name was originated from the horse reins, where it is used to be worn around the horse’s neck, controlling its movements — also using it to allow the horse to stop and go. And going back to his character, Rein is previously a member of the Heroes Party (勇者パーティー), where he got expelled from the group after being noted for his uselessness in the battle, only just to put them into several dangers. Rein has an ability that he possesses, as a Beast Tamer, where he tames animals and other creatures (like insects) by sealing them temporarily with a contract. That contract can eventually “mind-control” them, thus helping him to carry out his own tasks. Rein can lift the contract from the animals and creatures, once his tasks are done.

Beast Tamers like Rein can only tame animals and creatures up to two at once. And from both original novel and Anime series, he could tame up to hundreds of these. It is quite a mystery on how did Rein was able to do this, and Kanade was always asking him on how he was able to make temporary contracts with some hundred beasts and other creatures without hassle.

And secondly, meet the Nekomimi (Cat Girl), who believed to be originated from the strongest races known in the land, who is named as Kanade (カナデ). Kanade is a runaway Cat Spirit creature, until she is under attack by a random giant beast. She is saved by Rein, and fnally forms a blood contract with him. Kanade has granted Rein some amazing abilities, like the super-strength combat, which was resulted after Rein has formed a blood contract with her. Kanade is always thinking about Rein using his Beast Tamer abilities to tame several animals and creatures at once, and knows the possibility that Rein might lose his sanity if he continues to abuse his powers. And since then, she joins Rein on his adventures in become a stronger adventurer in the vast lands.

It seems that the setup of this Anime and original novel series is quite good here. Rather than the “harem male character” is just being weak here while some strong-looking cute and sexy girls are around to protect him, the male character himself is somehow becoming strong here, thanks to the girls around him in making him strong. I don’t know, but of what was written in the last sentence above in the previous paragraph, Rein might lose sanity if he abuses somehow his Beast Tamer powers, as noted by Kanade.

Going for the story theme. Since both the first two Episodes are merged into one, I am going to unify them as one post.

Somehow, it is just like the same Anime series, where some “adventure RPG” elements are there. Something like that I can imagine in a typical RPG (role-playing game) themed Anime — The setting is always from the “Middle Age” Period, where some popular elements like knights, goblins, and more, are there. Also, the “Quest System” is present, where it shows on how some quests are done by means of finding some items by defeating some goblins, or other high-ranked monsters. Of course, reward system is visually presented in the Anime, just as same as in some RPG video games. And it is a matter of fact that some girls speaking there are just like NPCs in a typical RPG video games that I played before.

Story theme is basically showing on how you are expelled from a group of strong people, though you can be deemed useful in the end because you are weak. Of course, the reason of expulsion can be understandable. And then, there are times that not always the weak can be useful at all times. Sometimes, they can really put us into danger, or there are chances that they can be useful in some situations, where the stronger characters are in danger. Something like they can be used to turn the tables around, such as they are acting as the “ending action” characters that can actually destroy or crash an enemy’s almost-close-to-winning victory. But in my case, for Rein, it is something different. Something that can really put his party mates down.

Of course, teamwork can be important in any aspect. It is not measured by the strength of the teammates around you. It is how will you work together by strategy, or on how will you execute your moves wisely. And for Rein, who has tamed Kanade, he must really do his best in becoming a stronger adventurer, and to find his future companions where he is adventuring in the vast lands together. But then, what was his true quest in becoming stronger, aside from defeating some bad guys and creatures along the way? Sometimes, your companions can be your rivals and enemies in the future, and time will always come. And there will be always times that we should need to use our powers in a rightful manner, whenever we need them, rather than abusing them because of our own selfish desires. Yep, and this is something to learn new from these Episodes!

Let us see if this series can really top or flop for me. Actually, just watching the dual Episodes can be still not enough. And then, I really wanted to see soon the future characters, which is foreshadowed in the opening and ending credits!

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Series Info
©Suzu Miyama, Moto Shigemura / BEAST TAMER Production Committee

Beast Tamer (Full title: 勇者パーティーを追放されたビーストテイマー、最強種の猫耳少女と出会う / A Beast Tamer Who Got Expelled from the Heroes Party Meets a Strongest-Race Nekomimi Girl) is a novel series created and written by Suzu Miyama. Its TV Anime counterpart was aired and streamed since October 2, 2022.

See this page for more information.

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