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Revenge Match

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Overview (Story)
Stage Start! Song for All

Kanon and her group are doing their practice sessions for their upcoming LoveLive! Regional Finals to be done a day after their practice. It seems that their formidable solo School Idol foe or rival, Wien Margarete, is just underestimating them, and also asking Kanon on what it means on singing and dancing on the live stage.

A day before their big live show, they had prepared everything, including the song, dance parts, and their own costumes. When it is about time that they encounter Margarete again, this is where their final showdown of their live performance had ensued.

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Heading on, let’s go with the review and impression post!

Seemingly, Wien Margarete is the confirmed official name of their new rival, after Sunny Passion. She previously appeared since Episode 3, where she is just like a bully to Kanon, and she appears randomly everytime when Kanon is away from her friends. And so, I am seeing some character improvement or development here, such as Ren and Mei who were just moderating their “gaming” stuff while doing their musical works. Natsumi (This time, I call her as Oni-Nuts) is just way too annoying, and she can be the only character that needs some further character development in order to emphasize herself properly. And Shiki is absolutely nothing here. She can have a slight character change, but in the end, she is just being straight and doing nothing, but to clap her hands, making the girls follow on their own beat while practicing their own dance move set. Among the first years, Kinako is the only girl who is greatly changing her ways — from being a klutzy girl, to being a hard-nosed and diligent girl. Yep, and as I had said before, she is just a basic form from Kanon Shibuya, who used to be in that character before. The rest of the girls here have no to slight changes in their character development, while Kanon being the dynamic here.

Story plot is just really spine-chilling in the end when you watch it. And that Wien Margarete versus Liella! showdown can be considered as an RPG boss battle. Yeah, and I noted Margarete’s song as being a song for “RPG Boss Battle BGM”. Finally, it has left me in question or prediction that Team Liella! might lose two times in a row, as per rumor. But then, will their second defeat means it’s the end of their road for them as School Idols?

At the end, it is really important that we should never lose our fun factor in us, because we are just like playing in a video game, whether we win or lose. Basically, what drives us into addiction is that when we lost, we become frustrated, and we tend to get our revenge until we win. At the same time, our dark clouds of evil is eventually building up within us, and we can no longer see ourselves, and we are being blinded on who really we are. At this rate, we ain’t the same people that most other people used to know us anymore, if we keep winning as revenge. And the reason why it is titled as “Revenge Match” as Episode Review title is because we need to score some victory against from an enemy whom they had defeated us before.

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Series Info
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This second season of LoveLive! Superstar!! has been aired on NHK E-TV since July 17, 2022, which continues directly from the last Episode from the previous season last July 2021.

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