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The Invincible Rival

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Overview (Story)
“Are you the ones who were next-in-line to win, don’t you?”

The Team Liella! were invited to perform in a School Idol Festival Event in Yoyogi. They were the last-in-line to perform for the Event.

Kanon has met a mysterious girl who appeared as their future rival in the LoveLive! Finals, aside from Sunny Passion.

Now that Team Liella! can’t able to achieve anything, not just a single victory, what should they do in order to not lose their will to win in the next LoveLive! Finals? And then, the Yuigaoka Girls are just around to cheer them up. And finally, they had decided to hold their own live show in the campus.

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Let’s head on to the Episode Review!

Basically, I am just getting a vibe where School Idol Rivals are more than just rivals anymore. In fact, they are just considered as “Rivals in the Darkness”. In short, villains.

Now that Liella! got themselves another powerful and invincible rival, they were still having no match against with their auras. But still, the question lies within: What is the Team Liella!’s resolve to win? What is their reason on why they wanted to win LoveLive! Finals? This is some question that they need to answer in order to have their resolve.

Characters. This new rival that was foreshadowed at the end of the second Episode is really having an aura of a typical villain. I would just nickname her as “Margarette”, and I have to confirm her official romanized name first before continuing. Margarette is a cold-hearted and merciless School Idol who could eventually psyche Kanon and others out of the blue. Somehow, she is like a “Story Episode” character in my ongoing Blog Post Series, where she can act as a villain, while showing hatred towards School Idols (That can be told in my upcoming Story Episodes in my SIFJL segment, though). And it seems we could get to know her as the time passes. But then, her character is really deep, which in fact, she can have a hidden, untold past that she have before entering the LoveLive! as a School Idol. Yep, and she is a character to watch out, especially on Liella! who’s in trouble to win.

Story. Basically, what it shows here that winning does matter in order to get some greater recognition than anything else. But then, is there anything greater than just winning? And as stated before, just doing your own best is still NOT enough to win. It is just like some old movies that I had watched, where the villain has defended his championship and still won over against his hero challenger. But then, that champion got booed off, and instead the cheers and hopes of the audiences has been put into the hero challenger instead. That story or plot format can be sad and heartbreaking, for me. In fact, you are winning for the championship, but still you have lost in the end, and is it frustrating and heartbreaking? I hope that the Anime SEASON TWO won’t be an another heartbreaking finale for Liella!. And also, we could get to know the remaining characters in the corner, which were also foreshadowed.

I have learned that fun factor is needed to enjoy on what you desire — to win a championship or finals. But then, just winning alone is still not enough, and I know that there is something indeed missing. Well, I would just compare it to Lanzhu Zhong‘s character in the Nijigasaki Anime Series, where winning is her forte, but in the end, she is always the sad girl.

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Liella! School Idol Files

Today, we are going to do some stuff that can be done here only in this Episode Review post! This is something like… Character introductions, again? But then, this is something new. I had done this in the previous season, and in the Nijigasaki Anime SEASON TWO! Let’s get started!

Kinako Sakurakoji! A School Idol that defies her own weaknesses and limitations!

A first year high schooler who came from far away in order to enroll at Yuigaoka, Kinako isn’t really good when it comes to finding directions, as well as some other heavy physical activities! She is known at her hobbies in planting her own vegetable garden, as well as making some bread!

Kinako has a sense of perseverance where she can do anything whether it’s hard or not! Failure doesn’t matter for her, so as long as she is well enjoying it!

She is a sweet girl to tag along with, and make sure to nurture her with some encouraging powers for her to do her best to win the next LoveLive! Finals!

Her birthday is celebrated every April 10th, and she is voiced by Nozomi Suzuhara. Get to know her by reading her Bond Side Stories, only on LoveLive! School Idol Festival rhythm game!

And that’s it for the School Idol Files corner! See you next time!

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Series Info
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This second season of LoveLive! Superstar!! has been aired on NHK E-TV since July 17, 2022, which continues directly from the last Episode from the previous season last July 2021.

For more info, see this page.

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