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To Embrace an Argument

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Overview (Story)
“I really hate you… but I love you.”

Team Liella! has qualified for the LoveLive! Nationals, in the Tokyo Qualifiers block. Which means, Team Liella! is able to stand out in the stage again. Sunny Passion didn’t make it to the qualifiers, so these two girls had given them advice to keep on winning.

At the day before their scheduled series of practice, Keke is hiding something. And now that Sumire has found out that Keke must return to Shanghai if she didn’t win with Team Liella!. This is where Sumire has decided to perform on the finals without the First Years.

Sumire got something that she can’t even say to Kanon and others, while keeping herself away from Keke. Come on, Sumire! Tell something that you want to say, and don’t keep it as a secret anymore!

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Let’s head on! Stage Start! S.I.F. !!

Seemingly, the highlights here in this Episode are Keke Tang and Sumire Heanna. Sumire was my favorite character or idol in the stable of Team Liella! faction, to give you some info. Sumire can be big-headed and stubborn sometimes, at the point that she wanted to make things to go on smoothly as planned without even thinking about others. Keke is just also almost the same as with Sumire, except the fact that she can be stubborn, and she doesn’t want to tell others about her secret in returning to Shanghai, if she didn’t win along. And so, in my conclusion, they are both at fault here. In fact, Keke don’t want them to tell them to Sumire and others, while Sumire can’t able to tell them to Kanon and others. Do you know the infamous “I quit being a School Idol” meme here, where Umi has to slap some idiotic people who said that? But then, instead of resorting to violence, they just settle them with a nurturing hug, as seen in the featured image of this Episode Review post! And that is, the only way to stop an endless and pointless argument.

Story. No featured song here, but it really shows that people should be honest to each other, no matter the situation is. It is a matter of fact that people should say “sorry” to someone whom they had did some wrong things before. Actually, this was just a repeat scene from Episode 10 (Season 1), where they argue also that time. So far, nothing to highlight that much in this Episode, especially when it only involves Keke and Sumire. And it is really true that “SumiKeke” duo has totally prevailed in this season, since First Season.

And in this Episode, I have learned that being honest with your words is the only way in order to express your feelings for that person. It is something like, you “confess” on somebody, when you have done something wrong. Or otherwise, he or she is apologizing when he or she can’t be honest at their feelings that they love that person so much. So then, when we had done something wrong, irregardless if that the person who was angry is still cooling down, will you able to stand up, and to confess and apologize? We can be all sinners. But it is the matter of fact that we are all born the same and equal. Of what was taken before, they can be received again in return. And that is a principle of “give and take”!

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Series Info
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This second season of LoveLive! Superstar!! has been aired on NHK E-TV since July 17, 2022, which continues directly from the last Episode from the previous season last July 2021.

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