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Finale I: The Final Training

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Overview (Story)
“RISE needs to take a quick break, then to practice afterward.”

LINK@Doll is defeated by the champions, May-Bee. And then, their final tournament match shall be in a form of basketball game! And the champion shall be performing in the live stage!

The Team RISE has received an invitation from a hospital to perform there. And not only Team RISE was invited to perform, but Team Snow Wolf is also invited and interested to perform along. And so, the two groups had done their bonding session, while performing together on the live stage within the hospital.

And after that, they started to do practice session of their basketball game, and the Team Snow Wolf has lent them some of their Player Robots to train. And that’s not all! The other teams that Team RISE have faced before did join them in their basketball training!

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Let’s head on to the review! In fact, I am gonna make this one quick and detailed, somehow!

Team Snow Wolf somehow become Team RISE’s powerful allies, noted for Hiyori and Michelle tagging along. It seems that I am noticing some lacking of character development here, especially for others like Yukino and Sumika. And then, what’s up with that man and woman “couple” that appeared in between this Episode twice in a row? Did I see them somewhere in the previous Episodes before?

Okay, time for the story. It seems that the May-Bee versus LINK@Doll volleyball match time is fast-forwarded here, and it is quite questionable on how did LINK@Doll lost without showing everything in the middle of their match on what has happened. Most probably, they don’t want to make the story go longer, as in the previous old Anime shows that take about at least 3-5 Episodes in order to finish a match or game. And going back, the theme of the Episode is somehow taking requests of people to do something, as well as granting. But aside from that, it is about something that we could eventually prepare for a ‘finale’ or a major battle. It is by means, we do practice or training, before the final battle.

So then, we are not alone. Basically, there are other people around who are eager in watching for us in order to make our dreams come true. It is a matter of fact that we should really be thankful because without them, then we are just nothing but standing in an empty house without people and windows. And it is really a great opportunity to make friends with people whom had helped us whenever we are facing trouble. Whenever we do good things to other people, then we can receive good things back in return! And those were the things that I have learned from this Episode!

My own comment so far:

So far, this Episode can be less exciting. If only that I could see a full match of May-Bee against LINK@Doll (The questionable reason why LINK@Doll fall behind and lost to Team May-Bee), then it should be better. I can already see that some characters here lack character development, making me question if this Anime series does looking good for me or not.

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Series Info
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Extreme Hearts began airing in Japan since July 10, 2022 with its First Episode, and began streaming on some streaming networks worldwide.

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