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W Returns!

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Inori-D Station strives to give spoiler-free Episode Reviews and Impressions in this post.

Overview (Story)
“Now, time to count up your crimes!”

Their enemy has escaped, and they have known that the culprit is Tokime, who wields a mysterious item, called the Gaia Memory.

When Chuuta finds out about this, he decides to withdraw from the investigation case. And then, Philip still confirms that Tokime was really a Gaia Memory user.

When this Dopant tries to attack Chuuta out of nowhere, Shotaro jumps in to rescue. And this is now where Shotaro acquired some keywords, where he gives them to Philip in order to search for the name of that Dopant that attacks and steals some people.

Obviously, the true culprit here is not Tokime. And the true culprit in the investigation case is…

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Alright! Second Episode of the arc! Let’s get into the review and impression post!

So then, the Episode titles are just exactly the same format as in its original 2009 series counterpart. The first part in the title is the title of the “Story Arc”, and the second part in it is the actual “Episode Title”. So basically, it is just, for example, like this:

Episode XX: Sample Arc A / The Episode Title

Going to the characters, again. Philip, as I had mentioned in my previous Episode Review, has his voice quality retained, as in its original counterpart. I don’t know with Shotaro’s voice. But then, I am getting used to his new cool voice from now on, as opposed from its original TV Series counterpart. Tokime is somehow looking a badass female anti-heroine here. But then, as foreshadowed in the opening animation credits, as well as in the promo poster, she was with Shotaro and Philip, along with Ryu and Akiko. Ryu Terui shall be introduced along on the future Episodes.

For the story, it’s just the continuation of the theme, or likewise the story arc. I do really like the CG effects to some machines, like that giant Revolgarry, and Shotaro’s motorcycle, the Hardboilder. And then, at the end, Kamen Rider fans like me were able to see the transformation of Shotaro and Philip into the iconic Kamen Rider W — this time in the Anime version, for the first time! The transformation sequence was lengthened and detailed, as opposed from its original TV series counterpart. So then, Kamen Rider fans like me are already familiar with Kamen Rider W’s basic and alternate forms, notably the Cyclone Joker (Green-Black default form), the Heat Metal (Red-Silver), and the Luna Trigger (Yellow-Blue) forms. And also, he (they) uttered the famous battle cry, “Now, time to count up your crimes! (さあ、お前の罪を数えろ!)”

The first two Episodes are badass awesome, and even non-Kamen Rider fans are able to enjoy the coolness and the stupidity of this badass (hard-boiled) detective, Shotaro Hidari, and his genius sidekick partner, Philip. But then, is this series could be one of the best Anime adaptations ever, from its original “Kamen Rider W” TV series, or otherwise, from its “sequel manga series”? Who knows that it could be the best, but not really the best Anime adaptation around that I had ever tried and watched?

Basically, of what I have learned is just a continuity from the first Episode. We should really know that we can’t able to do things for ourselves alone. In fact, helping and teamwork is really important to overcome the odds, and to win. In short, you can be two guys or more, but you all work together as one!

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Series Info
©2022 FUUTO PI Partners

Fuuto PI (Fuuto Tantei) is an Anime series which is based from the “sequel manga series” of Kamen Rider W, a 2009 TV Tokusatsu Series.

PI in the title can be either “Private Eye” or “Private Investigators”. Otherwise, it is called as “Detective”.

For more info, see this page.

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