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Zombie Trash

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Overview (Story)
“Just a normal attack won’t even work.”

People are dumping trash somewhere in the middle of the cliff. But then, this strange bacteria is crawling in the pile of garbage until it reaches to the graves. The corpse were back to life as zombies.

The problem got escalated when the animals are beginning to disappear, and they were eaten later by this giant bacteria, who appeared to be a Digimon. This Digimon is no longer on its current sanity, but a corpse that has no soul or whatsoever in it. In what way they should save it from rampaging — Or they should need to completely eradicate it?

Angoramon’s Quotes:

“The soul dies, but the body still hungers to live.”

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Review and impression! Let’s have a scan in this Episode!

Nothing too much to scan here. But then, Kiyoshiro’s favorite food here is donuts, in which I had finally found it out later in this Anime series. And that Digimon who is an Undead type, it is just walking on the ground having no soul or spirit in it. In short, a zombie.

Also, in this Episode, I was able to see those three Digimons, who are in their “Ultimate” forms, in action together. And basically, the best Episode for me, so far, where I could enjoy the “zombie apocalypse theme”, and having those three Digimons to be in action together, at the same time.

Story is basically we had finally have a storyline that uses the popular “zombie movie” format. Except, it has no blood spurting out, and most of the victims there are animals. Zombie infection is basically when you get biten or scratched, you can be one, too! And this was totally explained when Ruli talks to Hiro and others.

I totally believe that we only have one life to live here. Because our lives are totally precious than any of the treasures found in this world, there is nothing more indeed that can replace our soul with something else. It is really possible to have our corpses to be revived. However, our own souls on the corpse is no longer there. So what happens is that those living corpses are actually being controlled by something else, and not us who had left that dead corpse when we had passed away.

Also, I have learned from this Episode that anything that are no longer useful for us are considered now as trash. It also teaches us on how to dispose our own trashes properly. And we simply do not throw our trashes in some random natural places, where dead corpses are resting peaceful. It is a matter of fact that we are totally disrespecting the nature, where we ain’t properly disposing our trash into its proper garbage area. And so, it is really important to throw our trashes and wastes into its proper garbage placement, and not on some areas where some living things who lived peacefully won’t be threatened further.

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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