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The Moon Princess and the Werewolf

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Overview (Story)
“What happened to the maidens who were sacrificed?”

An old legend has been told about a werewolf who appears every 100th year (or call it a century). This known curse is said that a werewolf is attacking any suspecting humans alone in a deep forest, while it is a time of rain.

Ruli finds out that she is actually a descendant of the Tsukiyono ancestry, where she appeared as a Moon Princess, as told in the old legends. Every centuries, the maidens of that said ancestry shall be offered as sacrifice in order to keep the curse of the werewolf away.

But then, Ruli don’t even believe it, and said that there is no werewolf. And to prove them wrong, Ruli will try to act as a bait, in order to lure that werewolf out, which only appeared as a giant Digimon, named as Manticoremon.

Angoramon’s Quote:

“Legends and superstitions are all castles in the sky, and the truth is buried deep in the ground.”

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In this Episode, this could be intense and scary than ever! And this is my another time I had encountered a part where a blink-of-an-eye suspense has really put my hairs up! It happened around almost at the 7-minute mark of the Episode!

Characters. Mostly, Ruli-centered Episode, where she is used as a bait in order to lure out that evil Digimon! And finally, to spoil you, Angoramon finally got his Super Digivolution form (Ultimate)! And his name is… Lamortmon! And basically, he ain’t the usual Ultimate Level Digimon who is using the Angoramon traits. Yep, he is indeed something different. Something different and wild — A berserker beast.

Story. Though it incorporates the story of an old legend (or whatsoever folklore), it somehow educates the viewers about it. By just simply explaining the story by the use of some old arts and drawings, then the people will understand truly on what is behind with that mysterious legend. Very good for those people who wanted references, like that old literature! And then, this Episode shows that sacrifice is necessary in order to nullify the curses. But then, will it ever be enough to stop it completely? To remember, not all sacrifices can be effective to stop the curse or whatsoever the crisis ever came to devastate us.

In the end, I have learned, as mentioned from the last paragraph, that whatever sacrifices that we make, we cannot somehow guarantee that we can totally overcome our own odds, as well as defeating our “ultimate” enemy around us. Sometimes, a sacrifice is necessary to overcome them, but not all of them can really give us total victory over evil. Sometimes, our sacrifices can be a root of all of our vengeance, in which it can only bring us total despair and misery in the end.

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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