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Idol Versatility

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Overview (Story)
“There are still many things that I can’t do compared to others.”

The Team RISE has won the elimination tournament to represent in the regionals, thanks to Saki and Sumika who helped Hiyori. Now that they must need harder training, especially with Hiyori who is still lacking versatility in scoring at some sporty games.

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Let’s head on to the review!

The previous Episode is actually introducing some characters, while knowing an idea on what is the story. And that previous Episode is pretty intense, especially with the “sports” part. And talking about this Episode, it is just filling out the missing puzzle from the previous Episode.

For the characters, Hiyori can be an idol. But her versatility in sports can be unbalanced or inconsistent. And for Sumika and Saki, they are good in sports, while lacking in the ability to sing (in a karaoke), and Hiyori is their coach. Vice-versa when Saki and Sumika are training Hiyori for sports.

So then, singing and dancing can be considered as a heavy physical activity, which involve our bodies and voices to work out. Same goes with sports, you just need to exert and exercise your body to traverse some movements. But then, what’s common between singing and dancing on the stage and to play in sporty games? There is only one word that can support this common denominator: Exercise. It is really important to take your body exercise, like jogging or stretching, before you do these activities.

For the story, it seems that the plot is somehow slow-paced in this Episode. Seeing them win in their first game is quite a resolution to the first Episode. And then, there is a part that they were able to win them all (Seems that the story is fast-forwarded this time). But overall, the plot is somehow slow-paced, for me. Since the execution of the scenes are quite minimal, it is just much like: About only at least four total scenes in this Episode.

Basically, whenever we can be strong and better at a thing, we can be weaker when we do other things. For example, we can be good at cooking, but we do suck in playing video games. Those kinds of situational examples do represent on what is really showing with the characters as well. And I have learned that we must know our limitations and advantages — Something that we can do, that not others can’t do. Vice-versa as well. In fact, we should really know on who we are, and we must know our own strengths and weaknesses.

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Series Info
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Extreme Hearts began airing in Japan since July 10, 2022 with its First Episode, and began streaming on some streaming networks worldwide.

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