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A Versus B

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)
“That Digimon pretended, took everything away, and laughed at me.”

Hiro is being deceived by a strange Digimon who visits his dorm, who disguised as Gammamon. Little by little, Hiro is now having his attention with the “fake” Gammamon.

Not only Gammamon becomes a victim here by the Digimon, named as Betsumon, but the other people within the dorm has also become victims, too.

When Gammamon and Betsumon (The Fake Gammamon) have met for the last time, what else can Gammamon prove that he is the real one, and the “little brother” of Hiro?

Angoramon’s Quotes:

“If you wish to know whether a figure you see is real or fake, you should open up your heart.”

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What a tricky Episode! Let’s give it a review and impression!

A Versus B? As in… A is Authentic, and B is Bootleg? Easy to define.

Characters. Betsumon is a gag Digimon who loves to copy, or make parodies of other things, and other living objects! It’s quite too bad that Betsumon didn’t get enough time to have his character to be emphasized more. Such as that, his other specialty is doing some “Cold Gag” jokes, wherein he can freeze a Digimon or other opponents, when they got fazed by Betsumon’s jokes, like those puns or other funny references.

Do you want an example? “Where did the penguin go? Beijing!” (from Digimon Xros Wars Season 3 (Digimon Hunters arc, Episode 17)).

You can also freeze a Betsumon by doing some Cold Gag jokes back at it, lol

And then, going to the story. It seems that the theme of the story is about on how to spot the difference between the real thing and the fake thing. Likewise, my Episode Review title is called as “A Versus B”, or in general, authentic versus bootleg. Gammamon did really try here, especially when he has lost hope to regain back Hiro’s trust to him. But then, when we see some fake in front of us, will we able to fall for its “genuine” characteristics, like the quality and clarity? That’s right! We can able to see the one which is a fake, and which one is the real deal. First to look up is the capability of that thing to last up, or even looking at it that can stand up with its own durability in years. You can tell that one is a fake, when you can use that item repeatedly, but it suddenly broke at the time that you are about to use it. And in the end, you didn’t do anything wrong.

Actually, I got a long post that I had written a long time ago in my other blog. But then, I ain’t going to show them to you now, since this post is about reviewing and giving this Episode an impression.

To continue from the story, I think one of Canoweissmon’s attacks, the Meteor Lux, has given more improvements here, since it can only scatter and barrage some energy beam blasts from above. But then, they can literally “bounce” back to the enemies when they miss.

So far, this Episode was awesome. But then, it can be more awesome when they utilize Betsumon’s “Cold Gag” jokes. And so much for some of the innuendo scenes that appeared there at the end.

I have learned that we should not fall for the fakes, or anything that deceives us that it’s the real thing. It is true that anybody can copy us, and they can be almost like us. But the only difference is that we have our own hearts and spirit, in which they were very different from them! It is just like, “Unless if you have a strong heart, love, courage, and people and friends who are around, you are nothing but a cheap copy!”

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Series Info
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