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One Trillion Faces, One Soul

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Overview (Story)
“Please give back the human faces that you took!”

The sinister Digimon, Asuramon, and his guardian, Kongoumon, are stealing people’s faces. They use these faces to feel the burning emotions of those people whom they had victimized, as well as absorbing their physical strength. The faces of these victimized people are put with masks with their eyes and noses being erased and stolen.

Angoramon and others are finding and chasing this Digimon, thanks to Mushroomon who helped them tracking it down. Even Hiro’s friends ended up caught by Asuramon, having their faces stolen, too. Will they able to stop it, without even knowing that it is nearly powerful to beat it with a single strike of fist?

Angoramon’s Quotes: The face is the window to the soul, and a house without a window is not a house.

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Let’s head on, and let’s read the review!

First and mostly, let’s talk about the featured enemy Digimon of the Week, who is Asuramon. Asuramon is a Digimon, who is having an appearance of a god with four hands and arms, and a head with three faces. It is indeed named after the Hindu demigod beings, known as the “Asura”. According to its data, its three faces represent wrath, mercy, and blessing. Asuramon might have lost its sanity after it sees some thousand faces of people, showing different emotions. Sometimes, a greedy Digimon like him can further insatiate with his desires, thus become more evil-like and losing sanity. This is how Digimons are becoming either evil, or in reverse, becoming good. Asuramon’s sense of justice has been blinded also by its own desires. And can you imagine that you could eventually lose your own self, thinking that you aren’t the same self that you used to be, which is known to most of your friends and family? This is something like Asuramon who becomes obsessed with different faces of people, showing different combination of emotions.

Story. Seemingly, it is a fact that not always the time that heroes are winning against their enemy. Sometimes, resorting to violence isn’t really the only way to achieve victory. But then, a simple pleading can eventually save time, and… lives! Basically, since Asuramon can be a Digimon who is usually associated with martial arts as its theme, somehow a simple meditation and concentration is a must in order to launch your best powerful attack or blow to the enemy. And then, one does not use full force in order to completely annihilate its enemies. If you are in the extent of your limit, don’t go beyond, since it shall only be wasted to nothing — Even Canoweissmon can’t go beyond on the other side of the flashing light. In terms of story in this Episode, it has included a surprising twist, thinking that the heroes have already won, but not in the end. And then, it is just like letting the rat escape from its mouse trap, after all, and you know what that means, right?

To explain Angoramon’s quotes, a face is something that you can see on other people, or any inanimate objects. Therefore, our own faces represent of who really we are, in terms of our personality and characterization. A neutral expression is usually representing that we could have many emotions inside our own hearts and feelings. Faces of people we see and meet can be used to determine their true character — That’s why it is like a window. A person or any things can not be like a human, if his feelings and emotions are empty — We can’t see them because they don’t have a face, which represent their true character and values.

And to end, and to continue from the last paragraph, I have learned that trying to become someone else through with the trillion faces cannot really determine of who we are. Basically, it is accordingly similar to using an “avatar” or “profile pictures” in our SNS accounts, where we try to pretend to be someone else, while in reality we are not the same as with those faces of the people whom we are using. So then, I had been realizing all along that I am just like a house without any windows or doors, and you know what that means, right?

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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