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Parallel Existence

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)
“Unless you conquer his heart, can it be true victory?”

Shido has dated with Mukuro. And one day, Shido questioned on why all of the people around, including Kotori, Tohka, and the other Spirits, don’t remember him. This has resulted when Mukuro has locked Shido’s friends’ memories. With no idea on how to solve it, the group of Spirits have a meeting, questioning on Shido’s existence. Eventually, Origami and Tohka have released their “Inverse” existence, in which they were not affected by Mukuro’s memory-locking abilities.

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Let’s head on to the review and impression! Not necessarily that you could learn something new from this Episode! But you could notice something funny going on!

Again, no Kurumi Tokisaki in this Episode, though Shido has mentioned her name. Sorry, Kurumi fans!

Mukuro seems to be like a child who do some pranks to everybody, just like the other “child” characters who do the same! Sometimes, a childish character like Mukuro can sometimes be unpredictable, whether you could even trust her or not. Basically, I had encountered something like this before, during the story arc of Natsumi, in the DATE A LIVE III series (previous season rather).

So then, we could finally get to see the two other characters who could actually do “persona” change, when the time of trouble comes. Persona change, in the sense that there is at least one or more personality which is present within the characters. Such as that Tohka got her “darker” inner self that can be activated when Tohka has no other choices or hopes remaining in order to overcome her conflicts. She can turn likewise into the other self, named as “Inverse Tohka”. Same goes with Origami, who had released her other self, when her original self was sealed off her memories in this Episode because of Mukuro. And then, look at that “Moe Moe Kyun” reference, and Inverse Tohka was able to nail it properly! Don’t forget about Shido doing it, too, and that’s cute!

For the story, I think it uses another technique again, where “time” and “parallel stories” are indeed confusing (That’s why Origami’s head is hurting because of the confusing flow of the story lol). Therefore, a deep understanding and quick scanning of the scenes are a must here, since you might not get the meaning behind with those scenes and dialogues there, which in fact some viewers might not be able to understand what’s going on in the story arc. Just remember the last scene where the usual “conflicts” do start, so that you could find the reason why Shido got tossed out from existence, and his friends don’t even remember him.

And in the end, this is going to be the first part of my review. Though that I could learn that defeating or finishing your “first” part could have a second part, finishing the “second” one does not mean that there would be no “third”.

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Series Info
©2021 橘公司・つなこ/KADOKAWA/「デート・ア・ライブⅣ」製作委員会
©2021 Koushi Tachibana, Tsunako / KADOKAWA / “DATE A LIVE IV” Partners

This Anime series has been aired and streamed in Japan and overseas since April 8, 2022, with its First Episode.

For more info, see this page.

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