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The Crimson Vampire

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Overview (Story)
“You will be a vampire in a blink of an eye.”

This mysterious company, called the Scarlatto Vento, is known for its products like accessories, bags, and other confectioneries and sweets. This strange man is victimizing any suspecting girls and women whom he has invited with to try out their products. More than victimizing, he turns them into vampires by biting them into their necks. This strange invitation is always occurring on every day, during the nights.

While knowing on what could be the motive behind in inviting these girls and women into the SV Company, and turning their faces into vampire-like appearances, Ruli wants to try out this questionable invitation that was sent to her by that company. Eventually, the man himself is a Digimon, named Vamdemon, and Ruli has ended up trapped inside the building, as well as with her friends who attempted to go inside it.

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Let’s head on into this Episode for a review and impression!

This Episode features the all-time known favorite antagonist of any Digimon fans ever, who is Vamdemon! Quite a handsome-looking Vampire Digimon when he’s cool, but not if he’s angry!

For the story, I like the fact that they have symbolized the theme, which shows about this so-called “networking” or “pyramid scheming” scams. In which it promises you to get something big when you invest or to become a member of that scheme, you can get something really bad in return, if you don’t know your risks, such as exposing your privacy, and so on. Basically, it shows other aspects of this so-called networking schemes, such as posting your own “testimonials” about the product that you have tried — something that you can research if you got time!

Red is a color that symbolizes passion. Deeper color means it’s rich or luxurious. And then, the likes of Vamdemon, and the other people whom he had victimized are a representation of what we call the “networking” or the “pyramid scheming” stuff! Vamdemon’s goal or motive is still unknown, but it is believed that it is just gathering more forces to become vampires with him, just in order to build his own empire that will rule over the humans, someday.

And the quote of the week by Angoramon is, “An empire without morals is like a house of cards. It can be easily knocked down by a single ant.”

How about featuring Angoramon’s quotes at the end of each review? They can be basically heard when an Episode is ending.

I have learned that joining in these kind of schemes can grant you really something big. But consequently, you can get something worse in return, if you don’t mind your own risks, such as losing something important, or even exposing your own privacies or any of your confidential or sensitive information.

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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