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Flower Obsession

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Overview (Story)

“If I don’t give up, it will go well!”

A gardener, named Yuto, has witnessed incidents which involve one of his friends being victimized by a plant Digimon, turning their bodies into plant parts. He seeks help from Hiro because he keeps witnessing the same incidents, wherein the people who talked to him, are more likely to get victimized by this Digimon.

At the night of their sleeping, Kiyoshiro is used as a bait again in order to hunt down this Digimon, named Ajatarmon. And then, this GW-1 robot has appeared in front of him…

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Let’s head on to the Episode Review!

Basically, flowers are just like idols. They grow up strong because we water them, and we put them under the sunlight everyday. But then, what if that flower whom you had took care of is a lot more stronger and… dangerous than you? Also, it is requesting you to be like that — Be of the same appearance as the one whom you took care of! This could be the theme of the Episode, and that’s why it is called as “Twisted Love”, or in my Episode Review title as “Flower Obsession”. And it seems that we could eventually get some tragic endings, even though that just defeating the villains would simply end the Episode with a good resolution.

Heading back… So the one character who is disguising himself as an extra character, or a hero, perhaps, can be the main villain. Sometimes, we could trust each other, but in the end, once they got your full trust, then that’s the time that they are going to betray you. Betrayal happens if that character or person becomes obsessed with something — Something that could eventually make him or her stronger, and at the same time, making him or her be separated from their friends and family. So that’s why, Ajatarmon becomes obsessed with its powers and appearance, thus making Yuto to be just like it.

And to end this Episode Review, I have learned that being obsessed by your own love and desires can bring tragedy to someone else you really love. And if you really took care of somebody, and he or she becomes obsessed or in love with you, are you still willing to accept his or her twisted love for you? Something like you should be like that person, in terms of appearance, and yet you don’t agree? Something like: This person does really like doing this thing, and dress up something like that, and yet you don’t like that person because you don’t like the way he or she dresses. Or even you don’t have interests in his or her common hobbies and interests.

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Series Info
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