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Let’s Make a Doujinshi Manga!

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Overview (Story)

“I have finished the last page!”

With the plans failed for Shido to make Nia fall for him, Kotori plans a strategy in order for Nia’s affection rate to go up, and have herself to be fallen for Shido. Nia is susceptible to any “character” or “person” who is considered as a 2D — more notably an Anime or Manga character, or otherwise any person who are in their drawing forms.

So in order to make up that plan or strategy, Shido, Kotori, and others must work together in order to draw and create a Manga, in which they can publish and sell it on an upcoming Comic Colosseum (Comico) event! Nia is also attending, and will they able to beat her by having their Manga to be sold more than hers?

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Let’s go to my Episode Review and impressions, so far!

In the previous Episode, Nia is being represented as a typical Manga artist, who works regularly to finish a chapter or two in a week or so. She is also a Spirit that represents people who is avid of Anime and video games (notably Otaku or Weeaboos), and they have no interests in real-life people, other than 2D people — Anime and Manga characters!

And also, the return of the all-time “best girl” of most Date A Live fans, Kurumi Tokisaki! Yep, and to mention, she is my favorite and my best girl in this series!

In this Episode, it really shows the nature of creating a typical Manga — On how they work for at least one chapter or a whole, “one-shot” series! In some points, you could get to learn more about Doujinshi (indie work), whether they were created originally, or making a “parody story” of that original Manga or Anime series. Sometimes, Doujinshi Manga can be either read by younger up to teenager audiences, up to the people who are already older in age (R18 or Adult Doujin Manga can be more popular for them). And those can be published and be sold on a convention (In Japan, we call it as the Comiket or Comic Market events).

I can see that teamwork and coordination is a must in making a Manga here, since it not just requires your original thinking in story. But also, it requires your drawing skills to be accurate and constant. Well, I had tried and drawn some Anime characters for a lot of times in the past (I draw mostly girls!), but then I am always losing motivation, especially if I saw that part very difficult to draw. Yeah, and I do suck in coloring and shadowing lol

And in the end, it really shows that you really need to work hard until the very end, especially if you are trying to finish something in the middle of the midnight until dawn. But then, do not attempt this one, such as overstaying at night. Since getting a lack of sleep (represented with eye bags) can shorten your life, according to a study! Maybe doing that just for once in a blue moon can be fine, but doing it everyday can be very bad for your health, so be careful!

Let’s see if Nia’s boastfulness can win over Shido’s team this time around. And then, it seems I had never learned anything from this Episode, in terms of story, but from the characters instead.

Finally, I had mentioned last review that I should be giving reviews, when it comes to the opening and ending themes of this seasonal Anime. For the opening theme, the animation sequences may be looked the same as in the previous three seasons. And for the music, it gave me a “chaotic symphony” feeling, as if I am feeling “world destruction” already! Ending theme is just mostly still animations and drawings. And hey, the tune has gave me a feeling of “sexual” vibe, as if I could imagine some random girl sensually dancing while wearing her “nighties”, or something equivalent! Pretty bit arousing for an ending theme, and I had felt that in some previous Anime shows — notably the ones when I am still in my early youth days!

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