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Brain-Eating Zombie Spider

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

“Come and eat it, and satisfy yourself!”

A woman, who used to be Hiro’s Mother’s co-worker in an organization, has visited Hiro’s house. She invited him to visit a certain building for an exhibit about AI technologies and insects. Kiyoshiro and Ruli, including their Digimons, were also invited. This woman had led them into a dark and spacious, yet suspicious floor of a building. Angoramon sensed that there is something strange with this woman, and he feels that something is not right. And then, they were ended up being chased and caught with many spider-type Digimons! Arukenimon finally shows up, and her goal was to eat up and steal any information and memories stored in every Digimons’ and Humans’ brains, in order to speed up her evolution!

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Let’s head on to the Episode Review!

Today’s Episode theme is about… Being careful and cautious on strangers! It seems we are now talking on a more sticky situations about “kidnappings” and other criminal activities, from now on, rather than horror.

Remember Episode 13, or the one that I am talking about the major spoiler on Gammamon? Basically, you can get to see him again (As seen on the cover featured image)! GulusGammamon is having a characteristic of a typical, sadistic Anime girl character from some well-known Anime series for mature audiences (More likely, for Otakus and Weebs). When their darkness has totally conquered them, they are going to lose their sanity and they go berserk and go “Yandere” mode! Somehow, I had heard GulusGammamon saying a bit of “Ara-ara” words there, as he is about to do his sinister attack on the featured enemy Digimon. And after that, I am starting to root for this Dark Digimon, in the future succeeding Episodes, when he appears.

Nothing else much to highlight here, so far. And to end this Episode Review, every people should be extra vigilant and cautious when they talk to strangers, and to anyone whom they don’t even know. Basically, if a suspicious person is inviting you to come into his or her place, you have to suspect him or her as “suspicious” or “strange”. You can tell and ask yourself silently that, “Why is that person inviting me suddenly? Something is indeed strange.” When that happens, don’t hesitate to decline. Or if the bad things come into worse, just call any authorities, like police.

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Let’s Study Digimon!

Last time, we had talked about the Evils of the Digital World, who can do many evil things not only to Digital World and Digimons, but to Humans as well! Let us talk about an another topic, which is somehow related to the previous one!

The Heroes of Digital World

Ever heard of Super Heroes, who can defend and save the world from total demise and destruction? It is basically the same as with Digimons who act also as Super Heroes, who can even transform (Digivolution) to fight evil forces!

There are many Digimons that existed, and acted as “Heroes of the Digital World”. Those Heroes have attained their fullest and highest Digivolution Level, and they had been helping a lot of Digimons who were in trouble or in peril against those Evil Digimons! It is all thanks to the young Human Heroes, who acted as their Digimon Users! They had fought to the fullest in order to save both of the Digital World and the Human World! And also, because of their overflowing Bonds and Friendship between young heroes and Digimons, nothing can really stop them from achieving their dreams, or in the sense that they are unstoppable against evil!

So far, there are still many Digimons who used to be Heroes in the past. They were once reset into Digitama, while maintaining their own appearance when they grow back. But then, their data structure has changed! In fact, though that they are once Heroes of the Digital World, they are no longer the Heroes! This is how Digimons do take turns, and somehow, the weaker Digimons can be Heroes, too! Therefore, weaker Digimons can sometimes become Heroes of the Digital World, someday!

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