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This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

“I’ll just erase you from the past…”

This mysterious Digimon is witching people by making them disappear from their current timeline. And they were being sent into an another timeline or period — mostly from the past timeline or period! And in that timeline, they were slowly being erased when they saw their own shadows walking. Hiro and Ruli were being thrown into a different past timeline, where they saw their own shadows walking towards them. Meanwhile, Kiyoshiro and Jellymon arrives at the scene with Angoramon and Gammamon, while asking that mysterious Digimon that appeared on where Hiro and Ruli are. Gammamon is shouting out Hiro’s name, screaming for help, but nothing happened! What could be their only strategy to rescue the two? They must act, before it’s too late!

The theme of this Episode is about the Witching Hour, or otherwise as the One-Hour Demon.

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Alright, it’s time for the review! Yep, and I am also giving my impressions for this one!

So then, we are in an another Episode where they had referenced another theme or event. As the last sentence suggests, the Episode theme is about the Witching Hour, or likewise the Hour of the Devil or Demons.

Basically, I am liking Angoramon now, since he is just like a walking encyclopedia (Which inspired me to do the Let’s Study Digimon! segment right after every Episode Reviews), especially if he is encountering any Digimons that he has known. And also, he is quoting some “phrases” — usually at the end of the Episodes. Angoramon sometimes explains to the viewers about the theme of the Episode (Just like he has explained about the term, “The Witching Hour”). And the fact that Hiro is getting more reckless and not getting extra vigilant to himself and Gammamon; they are more likely to be in a pinch or dangers. And I am quite observing that with them in the previous Episodes. And finally, there is nothing more to highlight with the rest of the characters, though.

For the plot, it seems that they had rushed with the Episode’s storyline, since this Episode has almost ended in a cliffhanger, due to the fact that a “certain scene” there has ruined it. Well, if that scene didn’t ruin the story of the Episode, then it should have been better. Anyway, the story arc or cour of this Anime series is really aiming for a one-Episode arc format, so that viewers won’t be stressed that much. But then, we are really expecting things to change, once we have proceeded to the next cour or arc of the main story.

I have learned that some people must never go out alone by themselves. Even just travelling with friends or companions won’t really save us from all kinds of dangers. Sometimes, dangers are everywhere, and they are all around us hiding in the corners. We can’t see them with our naked eyes, but it’s actually there! Therefore, to end this Episode Review, people should be extra vigilant and cautious, since we can’t really predict on when these horrible dangers would occur on due time!

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Let’s Study Digimon!

Today, we are going to study another topic! This is about Digimons who were backed up along with their human partners! Who are they? Let us find out!

Digimon Tamers or Trainers!

Digimon Tamers (I am NOT referring to the Anime title of the same name or term) or Digimon Trainers/Users are people who were training and raising their partner Digimons! They are considered to be some special people or children who has either a relationship with that Digimon — either fate has chosen them, or Digimon themselves has chosen them to be their partner. Sometimes, this term can be coined as Digi-Destined, as popularized by the English version itself!

Digimon Tamers can hold a special device, in which it can allow him or her to have a control with his or her Digimon, and it was called as Digivice. That Digivice can be used in order to allow him/her to initiate a Digivolution process. Sometimes, a certain catalyst is needed in order for a Digimon Tamer to successfully initiate a Digivolution with his/her partner Digimon! Though, you have it, but still, you must need that certain catalyst — “Bonds” with your Digimon partner!

If we have some special people or children who are called as Digimon Tamers or Trainers, that can fight together with their Digimon partners against another enemy Digimons, who were these evil Digimons or any evil organizations or group that exist?

Basically, this is something to watch out in the next Episode of this corner! Tune-in next time!

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Series Info
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