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In the Land of Eternal Youth

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

Every night, Petermon is kidnapping children who are sleeping, and he takes them to the Neverland, a part of the Digital World. Hiro and others were able to trace Petermon’s location where Petermon brings his kidnapped children there. But the problem is that they can’t even open the gates to the Neverland without even the children on the other side recognizing Petermon’s voice. Gammamon has thought of a plan on how to get in to the Neverland, and he acts as bait — by pretending he’s asleep! This is where Gammamon plans by telling the children to recognize Hiro’s voice, in order to open the gates to Neverland. Hiro and others were able to get in, and they finally do their rescue mission plan!

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Let’s start the Episode Review proper! This time, the theme of the Episode is about children, who were always acting childish, and don’t ever want to grow up. It is much like a fictional storybook character of Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie.

And also, it shows that on what will the children do next when they grow up. Basically, while other children are trying out new things, and they wanted to progress and grow up like mature adults, some other children don’t ever wanted to grow up, nor give up their own innocence. It really shows that some children do really like to explore more things as children, and they are just playing on the playgrounds or by playing with their toys inside the house.

For my case, in this Episode, Petermon is a representation of Peter Pan, a fictional storybook character. And Neverland is the name of the place, considering to be as the “Land of the Children”, where only children and other young beings exist and live there. And also, they enjoy peaceful and harmony on that place, without even aging up or growing up older.

For this Episode, Gammamon is considered to be a Rookie Level Digimon who is acting as a child, yet his appearance is quite strong and grown up (When evolved). It acted as a child, in the sense that Gammamon’s mind is still having a mind of a something-8-year-old child (Considering that he is calling Hiro as “Brother” already). And for me, art styles of Digimon Series can be cute and childish. But then, their ages are already at their “teenage” or “young adult” ages.

And simply underestimating the cute art by age doesn’t really mean it’s for kids, after all. Sometimes, there are other kids-themed TV shows or cartoons, which is really designed for adults, just like me. At least, rather than being a sick show that shows more angst or sexual themes, I can already learn something by just watching it!

To end this Episode Review, I have learned that being a kid doesn’t really take me to everywhere. Sometimes, I have to learn and to let go of things. That’s why I have learned from a Bible verse that I grow and speak up as a child, and then when I grew up, I put away these childish things.

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

1 Corinthians 13:11 (NKJV)

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Let’s Study Digimon!

That last topic is quite scary! Anyway, let’s move on into the next part where we study Digimon!

Today, we shall study…

The Digivolution Tree

Every Digimon has their own Digivolution chart, or likewise I call them as the “Digivolution Tree”.

Why is it called the Digivolution Tree? Basically, Digimons can evolve into a Level which is stronger than its previous form or Evolution Level. But then, generally, Digimons can evolve into their “default”, Digivolution Level forms. What if a Digimon has evolved into a form which is different from its default Digivolution Level form? Do you want some examples?

For example, Greymon’s default “Ultimate Level” Digivolution form is MetalGreymon. But then, Greymon can have an option to evolve into a different Digivolution form, other than MetalGreymon. And just basing from Agumon’s (Greymon’s lower Rookie form) Digivolution Tree, Greymon can evolve into either MasterTyrannomon (Digimon World 2), or even into its Dark Digivolution form, SkullGreymon (from Digimon Adventure Anime).

Confused? How about one more example?

In Digimon Ghost Game, in this Episode, Gazimon evolved into Hanumon (Apemon), while its default Champion Level form is Devidramon (Digimon Masters video game).

But then, that doesn’t just end there. In fact, every Digimon’s Digivolution Tree can be varied by any means! As usual, their composition or data can also alter their way of Digivolution, as well as their current Digivolution Tree structure! There are many possibilities around, where a Digimon just don’t evolve into their default forms in general.

And to finish my topic, I want to see a Spadamon to evolve into SlashAngemon! It is because their colors and characteristics (like swords) do match!

But then, there are lots of possibilities, where a Digimon can evolve instantly into higher level form from its Rookie form (i.e. from Rookie to Mega Level)!

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