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Freezing Path of Doom

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

Kiyoshiro owns a geothermal power plant to generate electricity, and to provide further warmth from extreme, snowy weather.

One time, Frozomon stomps out and he wants to eliminate any warmth or heat that can further defrost the surrounding snow and other icy environment. Because of Kiyoshiro’s provoking words, Frozomon continues to refrigerate the power plant, and it has resulted in the total “absolute zero” of the building.

Everyone else is trapped inside the power plant, except for Ruli. Jellymon, meanwhile, has managed to escape from the chilling hell of doom because of her attribute. What could be their last resort of strategy to rescue their friends?

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So then, we are at the another Episode! Wherein, it is showing us an another theme of the story!

Today, it really shows some more suspense than action! In fact, this could be common for some movies to have this sensation, where everything’s in a pinch!

So basically, if you are really out of options, and if you have no idea on how to save yourself, then it is really your end. Or likewise, you are nearing the “Game Over” status of your own life. It also represents in this Episode that for every one-million possibilities that you shall be killing yourself in that situation, there is ALWAYS a one (1) chance out of the million possibilities that you could eventually survive and live. In fact, only your luck can save you from those tricky and difficult situations.

For the featured Digimon of the week, namely Frozomon, it is really a Digimon which is just only designed for defense. It doesn’t really came to harm; it came because something is threatening it by somebody else. Especially for Kiyoshiro being so arrogant and crazy, Jellymon and Angoramon are trying to stop him, but Kiyoshiro didn’t listen or he is just disregarding others’ warnings. Kiyoshiro is somehow representing someone or some people who does his or her actions without taking other people’s warnings or precautions.

So what shall happen if you ignore somebody’s warnings or precautions, and you proceed with your own work or strategy? Definitely, you will put yourself into trouble, right? Not only you, but your other friends or family as well. And when if you are already at your last stand or something, you just realized your own mistakes. And is it too late to mend the damage you’d done?

And to end this Episode Review, I have learned that if you are in some sticky situations, as seen from the Episode, just don’t panic. If your friends or family told you to stop it, or likewise they told you to not go panic, just listen to them! Do not create more problems by just making yourself panic, or by being too arrogant or selfish in order to minimize the tricky situations!

I hope that you have learned something from this Episode of Digimon Ghost Game (by watching it), aside from reading this one above!

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Let’s Study Digimon!

Last time, we had talked about the thing that triggers the Evolution or Level increase of a Digimon creature!

This time, this is something special! What could be the next topic this time around? Read more below to find out!

Variants of Digivolution

So then, let us discuss this!

Aside from an ordinary Digimon which is evolving from its original Evolution Stage or Level up to its maximum Evolution Stage or Level, there are some other formats on how a Digimon is evolving!

What does this mean? It means, aside from the usual, ordinary, regular evolution or Digivolution, Digimons evolve in many, various ways! Or in other words, they have variants of Digivolution! Let’s have this one, common variant, right away!

The first Digivolution Variant is the Dark Digivolution, in which it is present in some of the Digimons. Dark Digivolution can only be triggered if there is an existing code or “program” within a Digimon’s DNA, or otherwise in its data structural form. That program or code is a special binary code (usually 0’s or 1’s) that contains malicious or corrupted sequence of data (As if it is like something from a corrupted memory card with corrupted save data). When that corrupted data has been triggered by any means (Through human emotions or Digimons themselves), that’s the time that this such Digivolution Variant may execute by itself (Either the Digimon user or the Digimon itself).

Dark Digivolution can be sometimes performed by either the Digimon user (Humans) or by Digimons themselves. In fact, triggering this Digivolution variant can be more notorious and dangerous! Remember what happened in the previous Episode that Gammamon has triggered a Dark Digivolution, turning it into GulusGammamon? Somehow, it has reminded me of an another Anime series which feature heroines turning into Dark Heroines, kicking butts of their arch-adversaries… and fellow heroines and heroes!

Dark Digivolution is indeed the most dangerous type of Digimon’s Variants of Digivolution!

There are many variants on how a Digimon evolves by Digivolution! They are namely: Armor Digivolution, Fusion Digivolution (合体進化がったいしんか), Ancient Spirit Evolution, and the late Digi-Xros Evolution (Digi Fuse). You could try to research them by yourself to find out what are those!

And this ends the topic about Variants of Digivolution! See you next time on the next Episode!

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Series Info

Digimon Ghost Game is a TV Anime series which is a part of the franchise, called as the Digimon Series or Digital Monsters. It was created and developed by Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animation. This Anime series has begun airing every Sundays of the week, at 9:00 am JST, on Fuji TV, since October 3, 2021, with its first Episode. It is also streaming overseas, also on the same day — about an hour after it was aired in Japan TV.

For more info, view this page.

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