All for Aqours. 20 Photos from my Instagram.

As of today, I am unable to go back to my usual figure photography with my Nendoroid figures. But then, as I am currently doing other things, let me show you some of my good photography shots of my Nendoroid figures.

In this post, I am going to show to you my selected 20 photos coming from my Instagram account (iemdonz). This include some of the photos which were unreleased before, or likewise posted to my Facebook Page just for celebration purposes.

Today, these were the twenty (20) photos that were found, and they were selected.

So far, these were the good photos that I had found, and they were dated from year 2017 up to the present.

So then, I had been having a good time with Aqours, and my journey with them is long-lasting. So far, it’s been a good run, and right now, I am continuing my journey with them, through with my ongoing new projects, such as integrating the Nendoroid Doll bodies with them along with the mini clothes that I am making for them.