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I will show you the power of a Goddess!

It’s been a while since after my inactivity in IemDonz Blog, a figure photography page that I have been managing for so long. It’s very late for me to celebrate the 7th Anniversary! But hey, that doesn’t really stop me to do that. In fact, the celebration still continue, somehow!

To celebrate my figure photography blog’s 7th Anniversary, since December 30, 2013, I am going to review this recently-acquired Nendoroid figure! It is none other than Nendoroid Purple Heart from the Hyperdimension Neptunia Series! Please do read below along with the pictures in it!

The actual BD-Nendoroid Packaging!
And this is the backside!

So far, that’s the package that I had preordered last year, and waited for so long until it was released and arrived! Right now, let us review the contents!

  1. Blu-Ray Disc and Illustration Sketches Booklet
  2. Nendoroid Figure: Purple Heart
Blu-Ray Disc and Illustration Sketches Booklet

For this part, it contains the Blu-Ray Disc of the compilation Anime, and the Key Animation Works (mostly rough sketches) booklet. For the Blu-Ray Disc, you might be needing a BD player, or any device (i.e. PS4) to play the video contents! It also includes the soundtrack disc, which contains sounds and BGMs that were used within the compilation Anime.

The contents inside the Key Animation Works Booklet. It contains mostly rough sketches used in making the TV Anime Series.

What you can see in the above picture is the rough sketches. They are the key animation sketches in which they were acting as ‘references’ when an animator draws and animates them in the TV Anime series.

So far, these are the contents or extras found along with the Nendoroid figure. The rest of the leaflets are just promotional materials and some instructions on how to operate the Blu-Ray discs when using them on a BD player.

Nendoroid Figure: Purple Heart
Nendoroid figure contents.

Finally, we are at the main event or highlight of this review! So far, this is the contents of the Nendoroid figure itself! It contains her optional parts, like her second face part, and the Share Samurai Sword.

To give you a brief information, Purple Heart is the transformed version of Neptune, the Goddess (CPU or Console Patron Unit) of Planeptune, in the world of Gamindustri. Neptune can do form change, or likewise called as HDD (Hard Drive Divinity) or Goddess Form, by using the nation’s Share Energy.

Alright! Let us go to the reviewing proper! Please look at the pictures and read the captions along with it!

This is her default pose. Usually, stand poses are default in most Nendoroid figures when they were packaged and shipped.
I can now add her wing option part at her back! You must remove the stand first before you can attach her wing option part! You can attach it along with the stand. I adjusted her stand so that it looks like it’s floating!
These are her other option parts.
For the hand parts, you can swap her right hand with the other one that is removed as shown!
This is what it looks like when you swap her right hand part and add up her Samurai Sword option part!
And this is her other pose, when you use her other arm parts!
And finally, this alternative leg part comes with a special peg… Hey, don’t attach that special peg to Purple Heart’s left leg. I don’t know, but that special peg is removable. You may remove that, and attach and swap it with her other leg part! That special peg can be used if you have a leg part of a Nendoroid which is not being in use. And that purpose was to open up wide the peg hole, so that it won’t be difficult for you to attach them, if you are going to use them later or in the other days!
This pose can also be made by looking at your Key Animation Works booklet as reference! In fact, this was one of her poses that can be found on the opening credits of the TV Anime series!
End of Review!

Whew, I had almost used about more than 13 images in this review post! I hope that your bandwidth usage isn’t wasted for nothing.

Thank you very much for reading this review post about the Nendoroid Purple Heart figure! I hope that you could have an idea of what is her features! I think other reviewers had done this before! The thing is that she is included with a Blu-Ray bundle, together with the Key Animation Works booklet!

She is standing along with my Nendoroid Neptune (2014 version), equipped with a black cape part and Tohka’s Sandalphon Sword (from Date A Live)!

And this is the end of my review post! See you next time and cheers~


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