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It can be a form of a video clip, photo, or words.

Media spoilers can be your enemies in enjoyment and excitement. Since there is SNS now in our timeline, we can’t be sure that we were victims of media spoilers. If you were reading this right now, don’t worry. I am not going to spoil your fun!

If you haven’t watched some latest Anime and TV Series episodes, or even a movie just after they were released, you are going to get some media spoilers. Such as, if a friend already watched that latest episode of your favorite Anime, he or she is going to post some spoilers, in a form of either words/sentences, photos, or even a short video clip. Those are considered as major media spoilers, and you need to avoid them if you haven’t tried watching that episode yet.

Reading or seeing some media spoilers can ruin your fun, and at the same time, making you feel bored and lazy. For the people who can do some media spoilers to their friends, what they can gain in return? What they can gain is not only some followers or haters, but even some capital punishment, like beat ups.

In the recent Avengers: Endgame movie premiere, a lot of people who go to the movie theaters to watch it. Ever since it is released, more media spoilers, as well as some leaked version of the movie itself, has surfaced online. Nothing has ever changed since they fight against movie piracy; it just keeps going and going. Much more like war on drugs.

Also, I am hearing some reports that people, who spoil either an episode or a movie, can have themselves be beaten up. They were killed to death, too. So this is how powerful the SNS is; it can let you go deeper within the depths of the cybernetic world to grab some information.

So no matter who you are, whatever you do, please do not give out some media spoilers to everyone. For every action there is a consequence! Remember that!


SNS: Social networking service (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

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