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Will This Kind of Hoodie Be Banned Soon?

Featured image cover is taken from Lazada Philippines.

We can love Anime and its culture. However, there are limitations when we become an Anime fan, at the times that we can be “perverts” not just in the 2D World, but also in the real world as well.

In some other countries, like United States, wearing of Ahegao Hoodies are not allowed, and they are already barring any people who wear that such clothing from entering inside an Anime convention.

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Some other Anime conventions in other countries are beginning to roll out this kind of ban, while others, they haven’t or they haven’t decided to implement this yet. I am really sure that there are some other local events that are already taking measures about this.

What is an Ahegao Hoodie?

An “Ahegao Hoodie” is a clothing which is filled with several faces, containing “Ahegao” faces, which are coming from several H-Doujinshis and other “lewd” or “sexual” fan arts.

An “Ahegao” is a sexual (hentai) term, in Japanese, which was developed in 1990s, which describes as a facial expression of an Anime or Manga character who was engaged in several “sexual activities”. It is also described as having the face in shocked expression, while having their eyes rolling, and their tongues sticking out from their mouth and saliva and other liquids are coming out. This expression is usually found when a character is about to enter into “climaxed” state, when doing such sexual activities.

Upcoming Mindanao Cosplay Summit Event by Ambox Davao.
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In Philippines, some Anime conventions are not yet inplementing this kind of ban. However, one of them, notably Ambox Davao (within Davao region), has begun announcing the Ahegao Hoodie ban, and one of the first Anime conventions to implement it.

So then, will this move of theirs could convince the other Anime convention organizers in Philippines to follow suit? Of course, wearing this kind of hentai clothing could only promote child pornography further, and we don’t want that, do we? And then, that post or notice has made the Filipino Anime fans happy in their comments.

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