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Make Aqours’ dreams come true!

Here it is! This is the post-mission report of what I had attended last time! Actually, of all event screenings that I had attended previously, this one is special! Presenting… the LoveLive! Sunshine movie!

What is this all about?
Poster shot of the LoveLive! Sunshine movie.


The LoveLive! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow is the movie version of the popular LoveLive! Sunshine!! Anime series, a part of the LoveLive! School Idol Project Series. The movie takes place after the ‘Season 2’ of the Anime series itself. It was premiered in Japan theaters last January 4, 2019.

This will follow the story of the flagship school idol group of the series, Aqours, as they take their next step as the ‘new’ Aqours of the future. Having the third years, Dia Kurosawa, Kanan Matsuura, and Mari Ohara, graduated after the closure of the Uranohoshi Girls’ High School, these remaining girls must take their new next step and they shall continue to follow their dreams towards the future. What possible fate awaits them in the end? This is the story of their never-ending bonds and friendship, thus continuing to move forward after starting from zero to one.

The Post-Mission Proper!

Here is the main event! Several of my friends from various circles and groups came in one venue to watch this exciting movie! So what shall be the commotion? Well, there are photos below to explain this!

I did also a mini-live stream before the movie premiere in my Facebook Page! In case you didn’t see it yet, you can drop by to my Facebook Page and find the live video replay there, dated from March 16, 2019!

Yep, a self-customized promo banner by a fan! (Not my work.)

Same as the previous event, the Aqours 4th LoveLive! DLV, the fans there are overwhelming with excitement! And to mention, the seating and free-merchandise before this screening happened were already sold out! Well, that’s the power of the fan hype!

Before the screening started, a couple of hours more before the premiere, the people who were doing the ‘yakkai’ moves during every delayed live-viewings, are starting to practice their moves! The good thing is that I brought my own Bluetooth speaker to blast out some songs, most probably the main theme song highlight of the movie itself.

More waiting seats! Yes! It is just similar to the last event screening that I attended last December 2018.
It’s on! The waiting queue is starting to build up!
Wow, and they are also people who tried to buy and sell some stuff before the movie premiere!
Yep, and I had met new friends and allies there! I am playing School Idol Festival game frequently, and then, I had met new friends also!
Here comes the post-movie credits! This is not a Marvel-styled post-movie credits scene! Merchandise trading!

Since the movie merchandise of Aqours characters are distributed at random, I was forced to make trades to other people. Meanwhile, people are forced to trade theirs, too. Well, you know, this is also a highlight of the movie fan screening.

Here it is! These are the items that I got after the fan screening! It seems my expenditures are totally worth it. Too bad, my T-Shirt is the only problem here, since they had run out of L-Sizes, and they gave me the S-Size instead.
My Observation and Comment

Here are some of my comments and observations while I was on the event.

I got some info that somebody, who is in the fan screening while the movie is on-going, managed to ‘camcord’ some parts of the movie. Since the cinema room is very dark, no other person was able to see that person who did that delinquent act.

Some people, who weren’t into ‘yakkai’ stuff, were somehow annoyed and distracted. Well, since it is a fan screening, fans of this series can do whatever they want.

For the movie merchandise distribution, it has become the post-credits highlight, instead the one that I saw in the movie.

I heard also an info that the family of a certain ABS-CBN News anchor is also present in the fan screening! That little girl is a LoveLive! fan and she is holding a Chika Nesoberi Plush Doll, amazing!

Just like the last event screening last December 2018, the fan screening is totally sold out!

The End

Total Expenditures: 1900 PHP (about 36 USD/0.009 BTC)

And this is the end of my post-mission report! The hype of this series is a blast! I know that this is not yet the end of everything, but… I am surely know that this new chapter of Aqours is just beginning! Let the blessing to them shine from above!

Inori Donz

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