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Crepe / Part-Time / Feelings

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Overview (Story)
It’s time for some tickling comedy!

Lanzhu thought of a way on how to cheer Shizuku up after failing an audition.

Yu tries out to help Kanata in a part-time work at an Otaku shop in Odaiba.

Emma and Rina tested out on how do animals like Hanpen communicate with people work.

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Review time! Do even crepes have a purpose in this review?

Lanzhu becomes sad when her plans aren’t going well, and some friends cheer her up. And then, it’s finally her turn to do it back at her friends. She ain’t used to do some stuff like these, until she has finally learned to do some research for herself. This has finally pitted Lanzhu into some situations where she must need to solve troubles, and finally saved Shizuku into some problems though. And then, some comedy part where I find it funny is that she is already carrying some crepes on her hands.

Kanata is more like Konata here (=ω=)

Of course, I have also learned that shops in most parts of Tokyo can only open up to late afternoon, and they close. Basically, from the past when I got some family member who had arrived at a store in Tokyo, I have learned that they are only open up to mid-to-late afternoon. That’s it, at least I have known. And for the plot of this Episode, it is literally helping out people who are in need in their part-time work. And then, Kanata’s face expression reminded me of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, an old Manga and Anime series that I also watched. Yep… That face (=ω=)

Karin Asaka and Emma Verde are already smooching their noses here.

And what’s up with the third Episode (Episode 9), where Rina and Emma are already smooching their faces/noses at each other? Yep, call it “body talking”! And then, just a reminder to self that I shouldn’t do this in public or events. Only Cosplay Convention creeps and weirdos do these! But then, if you are really going to do this, always ask with a consent. If they said no, then don’t do it!

My thoughts in this Episode is that whenever there’s an unexpected cut-in comedy, I just burst my laugh on the spot. Especially when it comes to the third one, or Episode 9 rather, this is where I feel the weirdness of it! Of course, do not let your friends do these weird stuff on you without any consent, so be careful!

So far, my favorite Episode to give some insight is the second one (Episode 8). Just don’t take anything that you can take — You gotta give also way for others a chance! And for the entire insights and lessons in this review, you can check it out at the end (summary).

Overall, the three Episodes, 7 to 9, can be described in one word for me: FUNNY!

My Rating: AVERAGE (2.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (1/5) – No plots, whatsoever.
Animation: (4/5) – No problems with the cute, simplistic animation. Characters are good here, especially when they do some funny, yet weird stuff. And for the stuff that I had seen in the ninth Episode, it’s cute, yet weird. I hope that Coscom weirdos won’t do that stuff in the Cosplayers in events without consent!
Insights: (3/5) – When we got problems, our family and friends do help us. When they have problems, then it’s our turn to help them in return. It is important to give and share stuff to others, and to give them chance. Remember that communication with animals and humans are different. Of course, doing that physical body talking can give some viewers a different meaning or interpretation, so be careful! Not all of them can be pleasant or cute when done!

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Series Info
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This Anime shorts is currently streaming on the following platforms:

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  • Crunchyroll (Worldwide, excluding Asia)

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