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Second Thoughts

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Overview (Story)

With the dungeon’s fate is on the line, Kabru negotiates with the Elves. Meanwhile, Laios’ party was dragged by the ghosts, leading them into an another unknown world.

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Review time! This Episode is really all-talk!

This Episode was at least two parts. One is that the party of Shuro and Kabru are heading to the place where they must need to negotiate with the Elves about the dungeon. The second one here is that Laios’ party was dragged into an another unknown world, which was belived to be known as the Golden Country.

Of course, there would be some Dungeon Food craving here, somehow, a bit.

I don’t have much insight when it comes to Shuro and Kabru’s part. But then, it’s all about talking and negotiation. In the end, I became bored when their simple negotiation has turned into a very long discussion and detailing.

For Laios party’s part, somehow this could be the only part where I consider its story progression. For the story progression, it’s just average, not bad nor good. I can see what’s happening when the people in the Golden Country world is influencing with Laios and others. And Izutsumi is just being lazy and soft here as a cat (Due to a world effect).

My thoughts in this Episode is so-so, where I could find out that the overall story Episode is just plain, and has a bare progression. With a simple negotiation becomes complex, and the crew being transported into an another world that becomes a complicated filler, has made this Episode a bit boring to watch. So far, it is more of a background of the characters they had met in this Episode, and there is not much story.

I can say that this could be one of the boring Episodes that I had watched, unless it is leading to a next Episode which is more exciting than this one. For the insights to pick, you can read them later at the end of this review.

My Rating: AVERAGE (2.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (2/5) – So far, the story is bit plain that becomes boring with complex plots.
Animation: (3/5) – The animation is average. Nothing to talk about inconsistency.
Insights: (3/5) – If you were given a chance or opportunity to do that thing, will you do it? Of course, you can’t turn something down in which it can do something good to you in return.

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Series Info
Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi) - Part 2 Visual

This Anime series can be watched on Netflix.

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