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Spot the Not

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
Can you spot the not?

In their pursuit for Falin in the deeper dungeon levels, Laios’ party has ended up enduring the cold storm ahead of them, and they hide on the safe spot somewhere. In the end, they had encountered multiple copies of themselves. How are they going to figure out on who’s real, and who’s not?

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Review time! Let’s see if I could spot something good here…

This Episode really requires viewers like me to think before judging. It is because it somehow gives some viewers like a sort of “pop quiz”, where they must need to identify the character traits of Marcille, Chilchuck, Senshi, and Laios, throughout in the series. Well, they must need to identify on who’s or which, or in the sense that they should find out on who’s real and who’s not.

Shapeshifters, I think, are creatures that can change form, into something that is identical to its counterpart. More like Doppelgangers, perhaps?

Bark like a dog, Laios!

It seems that Laios had gained a development here, where he was able to identify the good and bad sides of his allies. This was already at the time where he was with them for a long time, isn’t it? And also, he finally turned from being timid and being unsure into being a smart and brave guy.

Overall, this Episode is average to good, despite that its denouement has ended in a cliffhanger. So far, what’s gonna happen next is really exciting here, I think?

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.3/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (3/5) – Story and plot progression is just average to good.
Animation: (3/5) – Just fine and average, this time.
Insights: (4/5) – So far, you have to know your friend or partner better. You can know him or her better by doing some self-quiz — something about his or her life background. That might be a clue or solution, if in case you encountered a duplicate version of them. Anyone can copy us. But no one can ever copy our heart and soul, which can never be replaced by anyone.

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Series Info
Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi) - Part 2 Visual

This Anime series can be watched and streamed on Netflix.

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