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Overview (Story)
He used to be a runaway from the past.

Sung Jinwoo and Yoo Jinho are tasked to raid C-Rank dungeons, while their own team are waiting outside. As their efforts in conquering these dungeons had become known, a certain major guild got attention.

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Time to get solo!

It is really nice to see Sung to fight alongside with Yoo Jinho this time around. And so, this is also when Sung Jinwoo is never the same here, as he can able to fight all of the creeps and bosses by himself. He used to be a weakling runaway, but now a buffed Hunter!

My thoughts in this Episode is just nice and good. Also, the plot-pacing in this Episode is just right. So then, it is really exciting to see Sung progressing more with his current strength. I wondered on what could be that “job change”, in which it was common in some RPGs?

Overall, this Episode is average to good. So far, I had nothing to spot with the insights this time in this Episode.

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.3/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – Story is average to good. Makes me feel that this Episode is somehow a filler, to me.
Animation: (5/5) – Animation is just good also.
Insights: (1/5) – Nothing to spot for the insights.

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Series Info
Solo Leveling
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This Anime series is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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