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Overview (Story)
Beware on people who use you as a bait to lure an enemy.

Sung Jinwoo has accepted a request from a party who were in their hunt in a C-Rank Dungeon. Basically, the monsters inside are insects, and they were wounded before the Hunters kill them. When they had arrived at the Boss Area, they saw the Dungeon Boss along with the crystals that they are going to mine. Sung observed that the party is mostly high-ranked Hunters, except him and the other, but it seems that the party is plotting something evil.

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Review time! Sung Jinwoo finally changed his character shape!

As expected, Sung has gained some more levels here, and his appearance had been changed, including his face. Being on his E-Rank Hunter is really senseless here, if I had finally saw him killing a giant serpent last Episode (That’s almost a fatality!).

As usual, Sung is the focus here, while the other party member is wearing expensive armor and equipment. So then, appearance does not really matter when it comes to strength.

And the plot is really, generally slow, wasting some of its minutes of talking, just before a scene or action is about to be made. Yep, really. And I have to wait for an another week to see Sung in action. Basically, in the previous Episodes 3 and 4, that might be the case.

Sung Jinwoo becomes more dark and serious here, compared to the previous Episodes that he was still a bummer and having a babyface. Basically, this what happens when you had grown stronger — in character, right? Just those times when you had experienced trauma and fear….

Overall, this Episode is just average. But then, it falls short when it comes to plot pacing and execution.

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (2/5) – Plot pacing is really bad, and every scene requires your attention by understanding on what the characters are saying.
Animation: (4/5) – Yup, the animation is just the same quality. Sung Jinwoo gained a level (character dev) here.
Insights: (5/5) – Don’t fall by deceit. Some people can offer you great opportunities. But the downside is that they might just leave you in the dust. Basically, it related me on a situation in a video game, where I am left behind with my comrades, while being surrounded by powerful enemies.

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