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Bugs and Ghosts

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“Monsters taste better when they came from the lower levels.”

Laios’ party goes deeper in the dungeon, and they had encountered dead corpses of people with some treasure objects surrounding them. Laios’ sword reacted, and finds out that these were not just treasures — they were called as treasure bugs. Treasure bugs had killed those unsuspecting adventurers recently. So then, they had killed these treasure bugs, and later turned them into food to eat.

At the second part, ghosts are haunting them, and they were frozen once they were touched by them. Senshi thought of something on how to stop these haunting ghosts that freeze them to death. Meanwhile, Laios was being reminded, remembering Falin from his memory along the way.

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Review time! It seems I had gotten to know the story very well without rewatching those parts!

Laios finally given a name to his living sword that he has acquired from the previous Episode. That sword somehow can sense some enemies nearby, whether it is disguising as an object! Now that’s coolness.

I thought that the party which was shown at the beginning were actually a temporary replacement for Laios’ party in the Episode, but was not. But then, Laios’ party did really show in the middle, when I found out that those starting characters that appeared at the beginning were actually killed.

Falin smiles here, and her eyes are always closed.

And at last, Falin did really show here — in Laios and Marcille’s memories! Falin is soft-hearted, and always having her eyes closed. She got an ability where she can make both human body and spirit go part — like that undead zombie that she has hugged!

Marcille and Chilchuck are eating sorbet made from the frozen holy water by Senshi.

So then, nothing to review more from here, except the parts where they had eaten something that looked like burgers, “choco coins”, or even turning a holy water incense into an edible sorbet. Now, that’s even delicious… in fictitious term!

Overall, this Episode is average, yet good. And because of Falin, this Episode has become better!

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.3/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – Good execution of story elements here. I thought the first people who appeared could replace temporarily the main cast, but was not. But then, the story goes well without taking the main plot on a flashback.
Animation: (3/5) – Animation quality is just right — not dull nor sleek or anything. Falin is amazing, too.
Insights: (3/5) – You must never be greedy, or karma will hunt you down — this is for the first part of this Episode!

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Series Info
Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi)

This Anime series is currently streaming on Netflix.

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