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Overview (Story)

Sung has entered an Instance Dungeon — a separate dimension, where Hunters must defeat the Dungeon Boss, or must use a Teleportation Stone to escape. In the dungeon, he encountered Lycans (wolves), but was too afraid to attack. With no other choice but to attack, Sung must fight in order to become stronger, and to gain levels. When he has gained levels to get stronger, he has finally encountered the Dungeon Boss, which is a few levels higher than him. What is he going to do? Fight? Or escape?

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Review time! Time to give my impressions.

This manhwa Anime series is beginning to impress me, as it has introduced more RPG elements here. Like those stats window, notifications window, and many others! Sung is quickly gaining level (character dev) here. Of course, there is still more to expect from this weakling hunter.

The action seems to be more wild, or otherwise being so exaggerating, especially when it is already on a boss fight.

So then, the entire Episode had only focused on Sung. Sorry, secondary characters. And for the story or plot pacing, it is just slow, but then it’s resolved at the end.

I do really understand on how a typical RPG would work, when it comes to battle system. But then, when it is applied to Anime or other media, it becomes more exaggerated. Yep, and it has reminded me of several “Shonen” Anime and Manga from the past using this familiar plot system.

Overall, this Episode is average, yet bloody as hell. So then, will Sung be able to grind more levels next Episode?

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (3/5) – Plot pacing is slower than usual. The reason is that it was filled with several dialogues, where the main character is elaborating something about a certain topic or event.
Animation: (4/5) – Yep, more blood and action. Definitely not for the young minded audience. Definitely, the best animation where a normal-sized human can take and tear down a giant serpent which is a few levels higher than him.
Insights: (4/5) – A good representation here! Definitely, you have to work harder in order to become stronger. Yep, and I call this as “grinding”, where you will have to harshly work in order to gain something better.

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This Anime series is now streaming on Crunchyroll, and some other VODs like Netflix.

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