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Dungeon Food: How Tasty Was It?

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“Dungeon Food. Eat or be eaten.”

A group of adventurers had traveled and lost inside the dungeon, and they battle to defeat the red dragon. A lot of their food and supplies during their adventure has been depleted, as well as losing some allies in the party. Laios decided to just retreat just after their vigorous battle against the red dragon. However, one of their allies, Falin, had sacrificed herself to save Laios and his party by using a spell to escape from the dungeon.

And now that Falin got swallowed by that red dragon in the dungeon, Laios is now thinking of a way in order to save her before she gets completely digested. And Laios formed his party, and they venture inside the dungeon for an another time.

But this time, the dungeon that they are exploring is just more than defeating monsters inside… But then, the monsters that they had defeated and killed… can be cooked and eaten to survive?!

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Review time! The story is about some adventurers who are… eating some monsters from the dungeon!?

From the start, I had thought that it was an another medieval-themed Anime show filled with action. But then, how about when I watched it when it is already involving culinary and cooking? That’s right! It’s about adventure and cooking! Add-in some hilarious comedy and laughter here!

This time, let’s meet with the adventurers out there. With Laios, Marcille, Chilchuck, and Senshi, they are on their quest to save their lost ally, Falin, who was ingested by the red dragon that they had fought. And now, they are venturing inside the dungeon, and they eat food to survive. Not just “that food” in their supply… But they eat on what they call as the “Dungeon Food”!

Let’s review these first three Episodes.

For the characters, Laios is a brave and spunky knight, but can be cowardly sometimes. He was on his current quest in order to save Falin. Laios is doing everything to survive by eating and cooking monsters in the dungeon, thanks to his reading about the facts that monsters in dungeon can be cooked and eaten. Marcille is a mage who can be one of Laios companions. But then, she can’t eat Dungeon Food, and she always thinks that she can die because of the reasons that they are poisonous, or even not safe to eat. But then, overtime, she can eat them at the end, and says that they can be delicious. There are times that she can always ended up sleeping and always having nightmares. And then, Chilchuck is a skilled young thief who is adept in unlocking everything, including locked doors, and as well as avoiding and disabling other concealing traps. He can be rough at times. And then, Senshi is an old adventurer who is experienced in venturing dungeons. Like Laios, Senshi is also cooking and eating Dungeon Food. And because of him, he and Laios had shared some ideas on how to cook and eat them. And so, these are the characters that you can see, while being stuck into some tricky situations!

That’s Chilchuck. He’s eating some fried, Dungeon Food.

For the story itself… It’s about on how the group of adventurers can able to save their ally from that red dragon. While being shallow as its story, the plot along the way was filled with comic mischiefs and other laughters. Such as on how some characters are showing their funny expressions, while watching on how ridiculously is a monster being cooked or processed. Somehow, it can make me hungry, a bit, when I see the cooking process. But then, I can question myself that… What does Dungeon Food tastes like? I can’t even just describe the taste and flavor by just looking it with my two eyes! Yep, definitely delicious… in fiction! So then, I can expect more of the adventurers to cook something different — other than the foods that we regularly or usually eat. But then, what does the living armor taste like? Was it tasted similar to a crab, a seafood?

Overall, the first three Episodes are interesting, yet hilarious to watch, for me. Yep, and when I say Dungeon Food, the taste is really questionable, in fictitious term. For the insights that I had found, just read it at the end of this review.

So then, I expect something more from this Anime series — such as character development, or something new that I had never seen before.

My Rating: AVERAGE (3/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (3/5) – Yep, aside from being just a simple story about the adventurers, who are in their quest to save their friend, there are some plot blocks in the way, wherein their survival for food is their priority. Overall, the main story/plot is really shallow. But then, I do really enjoy more of its idea on how to cook and eat monster foods, in a fictitious way.
Animation: (3/5) – Nothing good of its animation, like flames and other action effects. So far, the expression of the characters are so good and funny.
Insights: (3/5) – Dungeon Food is something of a fiction — What does it taste like? But then, what if we had “food shortage” or something in the future? What kind of meat and plants should we eat? Or in the sense that basic foods have become more expensive than it is? Basically, it represented something of what is going to happen when we got food shortage in the near future. That’s how it is.

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Series Info
Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi)

This Anime series is also called as “Dungeon Meshi” (Dungeon Food) in Japanese title.

This Anime series can be streamed on Netflix.

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