EPISODE 30: A Live Show Without Audiences

Me, Komari, and Takayoshi finally warped into Mikako Kira’s World, thanks to the Project Link that Rika Kamiya has created.

But then, we ain’t done with our mission, as we are in that world in order to save our friends!

And then, what was written here was… (Looks at the Digitariel’s page) No way!

This is Chiharu speaking to you, reader. I am a School Idol, Supporter, and an Idol Chaser! Let’s read this Episode!

As the three are walking in the deserted areas, Chiharu and Komari felt something at their palm. They felt that their Charm Items have been returned, since after their warp into the Black Lace Ribbons’ Parallel World.

“My Charm Item that Honoka has given to me,” said Chiharu. “It has been faded out to a stone.”

“Same as mine,” said Komari. “Now that I can’t feel Mom anymore on my side.”

“It seems you girls are on the same side as mine now,” said Takayoshi. “All of our Charm Items have been faded out to stone.”

Back at the real world, Rika and Maya Ellen were finally out of options on how they could bring back the Project Link on to save Chiharu and others.

At the time that Haruka finally sneaked in to the lab, she finally meets them.

“Rika, what are you doing here?” asked Haruka. “It’s time to do our practice!”

“I know,” said Rika. “And we can’t just let our friends be trapped forever within the vast Parallel Worlds!”

“Parallel Worlds? I had never heard something like these before! What happened to Chiharu and others?”

Maya Ellen steps in and said, “It looks like it’s time for us from IDPMD to do our job. Let us help you out.”

“Helping us with you?” asked and replied Rika. “What could be some item that we need in order to reboot the Project Link?”

“What we need now is some good amount of electric voltage. This should work like those with the Charm Items that we previously used.”

“So then, let’s try creating a Voltage Crystal in order to power up the portal! That should do!”

Haruka doesn’t really have an idea on their technical conversations, and she can’t even relate. Until, she was later commanded by Maya and talks to her.

“Haruka Konoe, right? Then, you got something to do for us. Are you willing to help?”

Haruka can’t even deny, and was very shy. And she finally said, “Yes, and I am willing to help!”

Back at the Black Lace Ribbons’ World, Chiharu, Takayoshi, and Komari are continuing to explore. Until, they were finally blocked by this enemy.

“Sorry about this,” said Antyla as she was along with the monster, Beteldra. “But I am tasked to finish off all of you!”

With no choice, but to fight, Komari said, “Chiharu, Takayoshi! Go ahead of me! I will battle and stop her whenever I can! Just go!”

With no other choice, Chiharu and Takayoshi finally leaves Komari and Antyla behind, and they escaped.

“So, you are all alone now,” said Antyla to her. “With just your powerless pistol, you can’t even scratch my Beteldra!”

“I don’t care,” said Komari as she is about to begin battle against Antyla. “In fact, I am just going to buy some time to stop ya!”

Finally, Chiharu and Takayoshi reached the castle base of the Black Lace Ribbons.

“Our friends… our friends are just here!” said Chiharu.

“Guys, just wait for us!” said Takayoshi. “We are going to save you!”

And then, a voice was heard from somewhere.

“Oh… So, this brave School Idol is here to save her bulk of friends!”

Finally, the entire Black Lace Ribbons have appeared. This would include Mitsu, Seiba, Eru and Aru twins, Inverse Lierre, Gen, and finally, Mikako Kira.

“Welcome to your graveyard, Idol Chasers,” said Mikako Kira to them.

“Where are our friends?” asked and said Chiharu. “Just let them go!”

“We won’t forgive you if you do something bad to them!” said Takayoshi to them.

And then, Mikako Kira speaks.

“I don’t care if you all are going to stop me of my plans! My vision will never change. My hatred towards School Idols will never change! And I feel betrayed by their smiles and brilliance. Just simply doing my best is still not enough to achieve my own dreams and ambitions! And that’s why I turned against them. And now, I started conquering every single Parallel Worlds because I wanted to erase this history!”

“Enough of this nonsense, Mikako!” said and shouted Chiharu to her. “You don’t even understand the true essence of a School Idol’s hardwork! It is about —“

“Even if you talk like that, like I said, my own vision will not be changed, forever. I will erase all of your existence from this world, and in the entire universe!”

“Mitsu! Seiba!” said Takayoshi to them. “You just have to defy what —“

“Quit it, Takayoshi,” said Mitsu.

“In my opinion, School Idols are just waste of time and money,” said Seiba. “They are going to drain us until we die!”

The Eru and Aru sisters speak out to them.

“I know that School Idols can be addictive. But this is enough!” said Eru.

“School Idols…” said Aru. “Are they that bad…?”

“Yo!” said Inverse Lierre. “My other self is sleeping, so I had taken her place, for the meantime, okay?”

“Sorry, Takayoshi,” said Gen. “But I had joined the dark side this time around.”

Chiharu is looking at them, and at the same time, she was being antagonized by them.

“Want me to show your friends? Here they are!” Mikako finally snaps her finger, revealing the Idol Chasers tied to the poles, and having them unconscious.

“Aika! Sho! Mami! Miss Saki!” Chiharu is finally shouting, seeing that her friends are still alive, and they were tied on the poles unconscious.

“Add this into the collection!” Antyla finally tosses the fainted Komari into the vacant pole. She was being held tight into that pole. And she said, “This is really getting exciting!”

Chiharu and Takayoshi can’t believe that Komari was finally defeated by Antyla. And now, she saw at least five of them tied up before the Black Lace Ribbons.

“So, what are you going to do now, Chiharu Umiboshi of the Idol Chasers?” asked Mikako Kira.

Chiharu is finally trembled because of Mikako’s words, and on the scenes that she is seeing around her.

“Chiharu! Don’t give in to Mikako’s evil emotions!” said Takayoshi, and he even shouts.

Chiharu is really trembling, and she doesn’t know on what to do.

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AIKA: Huhu…
MAMI: Aika, what’s wrong?
AIKA: Time really flies fast. And we are getting closer to —
SAKI: Save that tears for later, Aika. And then, it is not time yet to shout our farewell.
AIKA: Oh… And Lierre is not here today.
MAMI: She may be not here today, but still we must go on.
SAKI: And talking about Headlines, what are some things to encounter soon?

ALL: This is the Headlines! Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

AIKA: Finally, it’s coming! The Yohane video game is releasing next week! On November 16th! Sho! I got a message from… Yohane!
SHO: Eh? What does it say?
AIKA: It reads, “The Yohane the Parhelion -BLAZE in the DEEPBLUE- shall be playable on almost all known latest video gaming platforms. Make sure to play it to find out what I and Lailaps will be seeing in the strange happenings that are engulfing around Numazu. And please… Help me to find my missing friends! – Yohane”. That’s all.
SHO: !!! I guess it’s my turn to return her favor! I will play this game!
AIKA: Look forward into this new game! And I heard that a “new song” by Aqours is also on that game! Find out when this game was in your hands now to play!

Nijigasaki Updates

TAKAYOSHI: From the Nijigasaki Side, it’s Rina Tennoji! For those who haven’t noticed under her Rina-chan Board, her birthday is on November 13!
SAKI: And now, who could be from us who will give out birthday messages for this girl? Was it you, dear?
TAKAYOSHI: Um, I would like to. But then, Rina can be a shy girl, so maybe you can give her one instead? Of course, I will write one for her soon!
SAKI: Alright. I will give out my message to Rina on the next Episode! Look forward into it!
TAKAYOSHI: And also, don’t forget her upcoming Birthday Celebration Campaigns soon, especially her upcoming UR on SIF2!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

GEN: Haha… I had been waiting for this new type of Event!
SHO: Looks like it’s definitely a new challenge for us! Heads up, Takayoshi!
TAKAYOSHI: Of course! And this new Event will start on November 15th, 2023, at 2:00 pm JST! Somehow, we will try to highlight this one on the next Episode! Look forward into it!

Song of the Week!

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to introduce a song from the game!
SHO: What could be a song to be introduced this time?
GEN: Let’s find out as we read through!

TAKAYOSHI: And the featured song… is this!


Lyrics: Aki Hata
Composition: Yasuhiro Obata
Arrangement: EFFY

SHO: And it is a theme song to the game that we are playing, the SIF2 MIRACLE LIVE!
GEN: To give you some trivia, MIRACLE NEW STORY has appeared as a limited song to the original LLSIF, and an Event Song that also appeared on the Setlist Event.
TAKAYOSHI: Seemingly, I got a hard time landing an FC finish to this song, when I haven’t changed my smartphone yet.
SHO: Despite it’s only an EXPERT difficulty song, this song is ridiculously difficult to land an FC finish!
GEN: But then, you did land an FC finish to this song at the end, don’t you Takayoshi?
TAKAYOSHI: After landing an FC finish to this song, then that’s the time that I decided to buy a new smartphone to keep up the performance!
SHO: Ah great… I am always missing my combo chain right before the chorus…

GEN: And that’s it for this song of this week!
SHO: Let’s learn more of the School Idol songs out there!
TAKAYOSHI: Tune-in next time for the next song!

ALL: See you next time!

Other Updates

MAMI: Look! They had released a song for their upcoming Ijigen Fes on December!
SAKI: Seems like it. And it is just a month away to the actual Event!
AIKA: We call this as… The School Idol Grand Live Show!
SAKI: Please, hear this song, coming from the Idolmaster and LoveLive! Series…


Ijigen Fes – The Idolmaster & LoveLive! Uta Gassen Theme Song Lyric Video “Ijigen BIGBANG”

MAMI: While the Unit Koshien 2024 Event is still fairly far from this Episode, let’s feature something interesting!
SAKI: This time… Fans will decide on which sub-unit to be featured on the April Issue cover of the LoveLive! Days Magazine!
AIKA: Wooo…. It could be QU4RTZ from Nijigasaki… Or KALEIDOSCORE from Liella!, I think? Which one to be featured?
MAMI: Voting period is until November 29th! Cast your votes on which sub-unit to be featured!
SAKI: If I got a choice. Then, it would be Guilty Kiss from Aqours.
MAMI & AIKA: Eh…?!?

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Finally, her vision gone blank, and she was already running in the black empty space.

“How could I stop Mikako and the Black Lace Ribbons? My friends were captured and defeated, and I am only left! What am I going to do?”

A voice was finally creeping inside Chiharu.

“Don’t give up yet! You got still hope to use it, don’t you?”

“What did you mean there is still hope to use it?”

“You got to use the power that Lierre has given to you!”

“That power? That’s right! The Digitariel! Yes, I am going to use it!”

And back at the present time, Chiharu is finally seen wielding the Digitariel.

“That digital tablet book…” said Inverse Lierre.

“I see… Lierre’s Digitariel!” said Takayoshi.

When Chiharu is wielding the Digitariel, she finally speaks.

“I am going to save everybody here with this power. And I am going to activate this so that they could remember!”

Mikako was finally surprised at Chiharu, who is wielding the power of the Digitariel.

“Activate! Memory Maze!”

When the Memory Maze was activated, the surroundings have been engulfed with yellow light. This ability will be just slowing the time greatly in order for them to escape from the Memory Maze, which was created by the Digitariel.

That ability was the only way in order for Chiharu to save her friends, the Idol Chasers. Can they able to escape it, and to regroup together once more? Find out in the succeeding Episodes!

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