EPISODE 28: Project Link

In order to save our friends, we just need to construct a machine, called as the Project Link. That Project Link is a machine or device that allows people to go in and out from our present world, leading to a Parallel World. But in order to do that, we need an enough money to support for that project.

As we are in trouble in making money for a short time, we are finally helped by Haruka.

“We can make it possible! Chiharu, let’s sing and dance together on our upcoming live show tomorrow! And we could help you to promote your School Idol Group!” she said.

And now, we are working together to make it possible!

This is Chiharu Umiboshi! I am a School Idol and a Supporter!

On the other day, Haruka did really perform on a live stage for a special live performance. Or rather, they are doing on what they call as “Collab Live”. That’s the time when Chiharu and Haruka both agreed to perform on the live stage for a cause.

Meanwhile, at the backstage, Chiharu is looking at Haruka’s live performance ongoing. And then, Komari tries to talk to her while watching Haruka’s performance.

“Now you know how Haruka performs on the live stage very well, don’t you? Basically, you just don’t need to make the same mistake —“

“I know. And Haruka has given me this opportunity to try again, as a School Idol.”

“Do you still remember what Honoka has told you as her wish?”

“We have to win the LoveLive!. And that was her wish to me!”

“So then, we have to try harder, so that we can make Honoka happy, though that she isn’t with us anymore.”

“Oh, and she is ready to call us. Let’s get ready!”

And so, Chiharu and Komari are ready to stand up on the stage, as Haruka has called their group.

“Let us welcome the members of the new School Idol Group, the Idol Stars League!” said Haruka on her announcement!

And then, the two members had stood on the stage.

Chiharu can’t believe that the people are standing in front of them, thus giving them loud cheers. And then, she starts speaking up.

“Hello there! Thank you for coming here tonight! And thanks to Haruka for helping us to get promoted here on stage!”

Komari then speaks in, after Chiharu.

“We are the Idol Stars League! And then, it is really too bad that our three other members are not present here on stage. But don’t worry, and you guys could able to know us very well soon! Maybe in our next live, those three members are now present before in your eyes!”

The audiences had cheered for them even more.

“So then,” said Chiharu. “I am going to perform this song. And then, Haruka and others will sing along with us!”

“Call it as a Collab Song!” said Komari.

“Are you ready? Please listen to this song!”

And Chiharu and Komari said the title, “Futatsu no Yuuki” (Double Courage).

Finally, Haruka and her group finally joined Chiharu and Komari in singing the song during the chorus part. The audiences are cheering very hard for them.

When the song has ended, the audiences are cheering louder while waving their colorful penlights.

Chiharu and Haruka finally hold hands, while facing the audience. It was followed by the other members in Haruka’s group.

Their collab live show was a success in the end. As a result, they had collected enough money after the live show.

A day has passed. Chiharu and Komari was able to secure some amount of money in their stash. They are currently in the Idol Chasers HQ.

“750 thousand Yen should be enough,” said Komari. “But we don’t have enough time to get the remaining 50 thousand!”

What are we going to do now?” said and asked Chiharu. “We need 800 thousand in order to contruct for the Project Link!”

“I can help you with that,” said Maya Ellen as she entered the maid cafe, along with her other people from the IDPMD.

“Maya!” said Komari. “I am so sorry for getting out from the HQ without permission! We are just planning —“

“That’s okay, Komari. I don’t need apologies because I understand,” said Maya. “You are doing it in order to save your friends from Mikako Kira.”

“And then, we need more money in order to contruct the Project Link, where it could link up between our present world to the Parallel World!”

“I see. I definitely know Rika Kamiya. Because, she is one of our specialists when it comes to our weaponry and other mechanical-related utilities. How about giving you a helping hand? Just leave the rest of the amount to us now.”

“Thank you very much, Maya Ellen!” said Chiharu to her.

Maya was quite fascinated at Chiharu’s face.

“You are Komari’s friend, right? What’s your name?”

“My name is Chiharu Umiboshi! I am a junior high-schooler from Shinonome Academy! I am an Idol Chaser, a School Idol, and a Supporter!”

“Wow, a School Idol, huh? Well, let’s head to Rika’s lab now!”

And then, everyone did go to Rika Kamiya’s lab in Shinonome.

At the lab, Rika Kamiya did really get the 800 thousand yen that she requested from Chiharu and Komari.

“Excellent!” said Takayoshi. “But where did you manage to get the other remaining 50 thousand?”

“I did,” said Maya Ellen to him.

“Well, thank you!”

Rika then told them that they are ready to contruct on what they call the Project Link.

“It would take a whole day for us in order to contruct it,” said Rika. “While waiting, how about doing some rest, for the meantime?”

“Just leave the rest to us here!” said Maya to them. “You can do a chill talk or whatever while you are waiting!”

And so, the construction process for the Project Link has finally begun.

It was already evening. Chiharu was fixing her stuff inside her room. She packed up some things, like clothes, inside her bag. And later, her things were packed up, and she was ready to go out tomorrow.

Upon her finishing the pack-up, Chinatsu finally talks to Chiharu.

“Where are you going, big sis?”

“Since I would be mostly busy at the maid cafe and at my School Idol activities, your big sis wouldn’t be here at home for a while.”

“Oh… And I am worried since only me and my mother were living here in our home. And you will be away this time!”

“Yeah. Our father has been away since then. And after his passing, our mother is mostly taking the responsibilities at home. And I don’t want to be a burden.”

“Don’t say that! You are not a burden to us either. Just do what you can, big sis. This is for our family… And Mom and Dad, right?”

“Yeah… And this is what I can do for now. Me and my group has to join and to win LoveLive!”

“Big-sis… I wanted to become a School Idol, just like you.”

Chiharu is shedding tears, and she hugs Chinatsu and said, “Nacchan… I love you! Your big sis loves you so much!”

“I love you, too, big sis,” said Chinatsu in reply.

Meanwhile, Takayoshi is looking on a picture frame, containing Saki and his other friends. And he said, “Just hang on a bit longer guys. We are definitely going to save you all! And also, Mom and Dad, and big sis Thara, I am going to rescue both of you soon!”

And outside of the city, Komari is watching the lights. She remembered somebody’s words, telling her that her mother was still alive.

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SAKI: Christmas is closing in… And I haven’t prepared nor wrapped any Christmas presents.
LIERRE: What is Christmas by the way? But then, I will try searching that via my Digitariel.
AIKA: It seems that Team Hasunosora had done their first live last weekend! Congratulations on their first live performance!
MAMI: And speaking of the Headlines, what else do we have to encounter soon on the LoveLive! Universe?

ALL: This is the Headlines!

Liella! Updates

Happy Birthday, Mei Yoneme!

AIKA: What a tough girl! And yet, she is very shy!
SAKI: Her birthday is just tomorrow. Why not we celebrate here early in this Episode?
TAKAYOSHI: Lierre will brief you about Mei Yoneme’s info.

LIERRE: Mei Yoneme is a new member of Team Liella!, and currently the 7th member in the list. She doesn’t want people talking about bad things to her, and she can be very shy. But then, she can be loudy as a barbarian when she talks. Her birthday is celebrated every 29th of October, every year, and she was voiced by Akane Yabushima.

AIKA: Hehe… You got the same hair color here!
TAKAYOSHI: Whoa… But that’s only a coincidence.
SAKI: Because of that, you will have to give your birthday greetings for her, my dear Takayoshi!

TAKAYOSHI: Well, Happy Birthday, Mei. Whatever your hobby is, just continue to work hard on it, so as long as other people won’t squish your feelings hard. That’s all. Enjoy your life as a School Idol, with Liella!. Once again, happy birthday.

LIERRE: Looks tough and serious! I hope Mei would read your birthday message soon.
AIKA: And that’s it for the birthday greetings!
SAKI: And make sure to check out her birthday campaigns, and her Limited UR on SIF2!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Rin Hoshizora Birthday Campaigns

SHO: November 1 is Rin Hoshizora’s birthday, right?
TAKAYOSHI: Yep, and her Limited UR is ready to surface at anytime soon as an announcement.
GEN: Stay tuned at their feeds for more info about this Event campaign! You have to prepare your Love Gems, just in case you want to scout for her Limited UR!

New Type of Event Coming Soon?

GEN: I had been waiting for this to happen.
TAKAYOSHI: So, this new type of Event is coming soon around mid-November 2023, right after the scheduled Multi-Live, I guess?
SHO: If that’s so, I am ready!
GEN: Just make sure to stock as many LP recovery items as you can.

Song of the Week!

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to introduce a song from the game!
SHO: What could be a song to be introduced this time?
GEN: Let’s find out as we read through!

TAKAYOSHI: And the featured song… is this!


Lyrics: UiNA, Occhoko Bunny
Composition: Kotaro Odaka, UiNA
Arrangement: Kotaro Odaka, Takayuki Ishikura

TAKAYOSHI: This is the first ending theme song for the Yohane the Parhelion Anime.
SHO: This was performed by Aqours! Yep… The original Aqours as usual!
GEN: Somewhat of a relaxation song. But then, don’t underestimate the note beatmaps of it, especially if it is just a simple, Level 10 song in EXPERT difficulty.
TAKAYOSHI: But then, I had done it on an AP finish already. (Shows his smartphone for his game result)

GEN: And that’s it for this song of this week!
SHO: Let’s learn more of the School Idol songs out there!
TAKAYOSHI: Tune-in next time for the next song!

ALL: See you next time!

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And finally, the morning has risen in Tokyo. Chiharu, Takayoshi, and Komari were lined-up before with Rika Kamiya, along with the huge machine portal.

“So this is the Project Link,” said Takayoshi.

“It’s just a warp portal that leads to nowhere,” said Chiharu.

“This is really getting exciting!” said Komari.

Rika Kamiya told them about the Project Link.

“This Project Link has been created, thanks to your efforts. This would eventually link up to the Parallel World once activated. And the other small device along with the Project Link is what I call the Linker Point. This Linker Point shall be placed anywhere in the Parallel World, so that it would eventually link up here!”

Takayoshi commented, “So, how could we able to place the Linker Point to the Parallel World? None of us are able to transport ourselves into different Parallel Worlds.”

“That’s a good question, Takayoshi,” replied Rika. “We are just needing at least two Charm Items in order to activate this machine.”

“So far, the only people who have Charm Items from the School Idols are…” said Komari in comment.

“I got Honoka’s Charm Item,” said Chiharu. “And you got Mari’s Charm Item, right Komari?”

“I think it is now set,” said Rika.

Chiharu and Komari had given up their Charm Items to Rika, for them to be used on the Project Link machine.

When they were placed and the machine has activated, the Project Link begins its operation. But the question is… Will it work?

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