EPISODE 27: The Live Show Rescue Plan

Previously, on the Idol Chasers! On SIF Journal Log 3rd Season!

My friend, Lierre, has transported Teron, who was Takayoshi in the present, along with his big sister, Thara, into the unknown and unescapeable world, called as the Ars Realm. Takayoshi finally found his lost parents inside that realm, along with his big sister.

Inverse Lierre has awakened inside, after Lierre losing her consciousness. Her Digitariel was stuck into the wall of the maid cafe, and it self-activated! As a result, we are being transported into various Parallel Worlds, where it could have connections to School Idols.

And then, that time really came, and Honoka, whom she was with us all along, has finally returned to her original Parallel World. At the same time, her memories with us Idol Chasers were finally erased. But then, she never forgets about me who always tells that we should fulfill her last wish — to win the LoveLive!, and to make our dreams come true!

And finally, we had reached Lierre’s own world, which is Planet Eidos — the place where did she come from.

But suddenly, we had been attacked by the Black Lace Ribbons, which was led by Mikako Kira. She did capture my friends, and I got separated from them! The worst thing happened is that Gen Sakurauchi did finally join back in the dark side of them! He did betray us. But then, I believe that there is a reason why he did that!

And then, upon separation from my friends who got captured, I was finally reunited with Takayoshi and Komari, who are also in the present world with me. And this is what really happened back then!

But the question is… How are we going to save our friends from Mikako Kira and the Black Lace Ribbons?

My dear friends, this is Chiharu Umiboshi speaking to you! I carry this Digitariel because it has chosen me!

Let us read this Episode to see what is going to happen next!

Chiharu, Takayoshi, Komari, and Rika are all talking in a room.

“Our friends got captured by Mikako Kira.”

“And good thing that you got here alive!”

“And I got back here instantly when Lierre used her Deport skill!”

“I see… So that’s how it happened.”

“And then, this Digitariel of Lierre… It has chosen me.”

“You are carrying it now? Did you get the School Idol Oracle title?”

“That’s why she came back along with it.”

“Right now, it seems that you guys are in trouble now, losing your allies in one shot.”

“And then, we have to plan on how to rescue them!”

“What happened to Honoka? Is she okay?”

“The thing is… Honoka finally returned back to her original Parallel World, losing her memories with us at the same time.”

“It make sense now that people who came from the other world are losing their memories when they have returned to their original world.”

“Ah, I see! Then, how about the Aqours members whom we had met last year? Lierre had used her skill in order to transport them back to their original world!”

“Okay, and Chika did really forget about me, though. And then, this Charm Item that I have from her has faded out. I had used it in order to get back here safely from the Ars Realm!”

“And my Charm Item from my mother… It’s not yet fading out. Well, can this be a clue, somehow?”

When they are thinking of a possible plan, Rika has finally got an idea, and said, “Based on what Takayoshi and Komari have said, how about we create a device where it can link eventually to a Parallel World?”

“Link device??” everyone else said.

“I call this as the Project Link. There are at least two devices, which would act as portals. One is placed in our lab, and the other is placed somewhere in the Parallel World.”

“In that case, we need to place one in Planet Eidos, Lierre’s homeworld planet in the Parallel World!” said Chiharu.

“But the question is.. How are we going to place the other device to Planet Eidos?” said and asked Komari.

“Somehow, the Project Link device that I had proposed needs at least two Charm Items for it to work as an engine,” Rika said. “And then, I need some suitable amount of money or funds in order for us to create that device.”

“Okay, and we don’t have money to create that device either,” said Takayoshi. “How much money do we need?”

“At least 800 thousand Yen,” replied Rika.

“800 thousand?” surprised Chiharu. “How are we going to earn that such amount of money for a short period of time?”

Komari realized that the upcoming LoveLive! Contest is coming near at around winter. And she said, “How about we create our own channel and we promote our PV?”

“But then, the Idol Stars League, us, were incomplete. We can’t just promote ourselves without Aika, Lierre, and Mami,” replied Chiharu.

“I see… Then, how about we do our first teaser PV? We then reveal the members one-by-one per video Episode!”

“Good idea! Alright, let’s create our channel, and we upload our first video!”

“Of course, I would be around to help you, girls,” said Takayoshi. “I think Sho has really taught me a lot of things when it comes to computer stuff.”

And so, Chiharu and Komari had set up their own video channel online. Their channel name is “Idol Stars League Channel”.

This is the time that Takayoshi is recording and filming the two. And so, Chiharu introduced herself on the video.

“In the next video soon, I am going to reveal the next member who will be on the Idol Stars League! See you next time!”

Later on, Chiharu and others are watching their uploaded video online. The video got only 3,000 views.

“I really expected this that it won’t work out,” said Chiharu.

“But hey, your channel got 10,000 subscribers in an instant! Nice work!” said Takayoshi.

“But then,” said Komari. “This will take us more time to earn up to 800 thousand yen in order to fund for that Project Link.”

“Don’t worry,” said Rika to them. “I will ask Haruka if she could help you to get promoted.”

And so, Chiharu, Takayoshi, and Komari were thankful of Rika’s suggestion.

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AIKA: And we are back… on the track!
SAKI: Seemingly, there are lots of things happened during the past weeks.
MAMI: And we assume that we could headline some more here in this Episode!
LIERRE: Let us not make it any longer! Let the Headlines begin!

Aqours Updates

Yohane the Parhelion -The Story of the Sound of Heart-

TAKAYOSHI: Basically, this is the Event that I had been talking about lately, in which it hasn’t been highlighted in the past Episodes.
MAMI: But since it is now coming closer in a hunch, let’s talk about it now!
TAKAYOSHI: The title of their live event is Yohane the Parhelion -The Story of the Sound of Heart-.
MAMI: This Event shall be running for at least three days, from Friday until Sunday, on December 15-17, 2023 JST!
TAKAYOSHI: I heard that this Event shall be on Musahino Forest Sports Plaza Arena this time. I wondered on what could be some surprises for this one? Will there be announcements after the live?
MAMI: Who knows? Visit their official homepage for more details!

Nijigasaki Updates

Nijigasaki Livestream – AOYAMA Collab Special

GEN: Nijigasaki in suits. This time, they are in black and white.
SAKI: Talking about collab things, they shall be having a livestream on October 26th, 2023, at 9:00 pm JST!
GEN: Hosts are Hinaki Yano, Natsumi Murakami, and Shu Uchida.
SAKI: Tuning in might allow you to learn something from the collab event that they are talking about!

Liella! Updates

5th LoveLive! Subtitle Named

GEN: Basically, they had revealed the subtitle of their upcoming 5th live on January and February 2024.
SHO: The subtitle is Twinkle Triangle, right?
AIKA: Also, they are beginning to accept some lottery tickets for people in Japan, through with their CD or media serial codes!
GEN: I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But it seems that their 5th live is the road leading to their unforeseen 3rd Season of the Anime.
SHO: They had been victorious last season. And they also have Wien Margarete and Tomari Onitsuka in stable now!
AIKA: What’s gonna happen next?
GEN: Their 5th live is scheduled on at least two venues across Japan. Namely, on Fukuoka and on Tokyo, this upcoming live event shall be occurring on January and February 2024, respectively.
AIKA: Visit their homepage for more details!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Today’s LoveLive! (New Daily Feature)

GEN: This new feature will allow players to obtain at least 100 Love Gems per daily login basis.
TAKAYOSHI: Looks interesting. And it is somehow a daily infographic for people who wanted to know LoveLive! Series better.
SHO: And it talks about some things that happened on that day, such as when is that single or album was released, as well as some other info like livestreams and other online or offline entertainments!
GEN: Just login in order to find out daily — Some things that we wanted to know, and the things we don’t even know about LoveLive!.
TAKAYOSHI: That’s right! SIF2 will become soon a walking encyclopedia, just like everything else.

Miracle Collection: Half Anniversary

TAKAYOSHI: This Event is still ongoing! You got still chance to play and grind for higher ranks!
SHO: Oh no! My LP recovery items had run empty! What should I do?
GEN: Event UR to be obtained here is Kanan Matsuura! I had heard that you could obtain more special items when you play for at least 600,000 Event Points.
TAKAYOSHI: Yeah, and the Event song in MASTER difficulty is very hard.
SHO: But then, grinding in higher ranks, especially the Oshimen Rankings, is too difficult now, since they had adjusted the ranking system!
GEN: But then, we still got few days left to finish this Event. Let’s go, everyone!

ALL: Yeah!

Collab Single Coming Soon?

TAKAYOSHI: It seems that they had announced a new single, which is tied to this game!
SHO: And there are at least two types of the song!
GEN: We shall be finding out soon the title in the succeeding days or months! This collab single for the SIF2 shall be released on January 24, 2024 JST!

Song of the Week!

TAKAYOSHI: Today, we are going to introduce a song from the game!
SHO: What could be a song to be introduced this time?
GEN: Let’s find out as we read through!

TAKAYOSHI: And the featured song… is this!

Watashi no Symphony

Lyrics: Junko Miyajima
Composition: Seiji Takagi, Kokei “CO-K” Takafumi
Arrangement: Kokei “CO-K” Takafumi
Strings: Shu Kanematsu

TAKAYOSHI: Watashi no Symphony is a song by Liella!
SHO: Somehow, it appears as a variant alternative B-Side song from the album Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora.
GEN: Basically, we have two album variants, containing different B-Side songs.
TAKAYOSHI: This song, to go back, is also having the 2022 version, which would feature 9 members this time around!
SHO: But then, judging from the version, I like the 2022 version the best!
GEN: Me too.
TAKAYOSHI: Alright! Time to do an All Perfect challenge to this song!

GEN: And that’s it for this song of this week!
SHO: Let’s learn more of the School Idol songs out there!
TAKAYOSHI: Tune-in next time for the next song!

ALL: See you next time!

Other Updates

Unit Koshien 2024 Event Announced

TAKAYOSHI: Unit Koshien? What’s this?
LIERRE: According to the records, it is somewhat like a Unit Live. Wherein, the respective School Idol Groups can perform through with their respective sub-units.
LIERRE: For example. Aqours is for CYaRon!, Guilty Kiss, YYY, and AZALEA. Also, Saint Snow would be making their return here!
TAKAYOSHI: I see. So, it’s a Unit Live, after all.
LIERRE: And also, don’t forget about Hasunosora, who is also on the list of the performers here!
TAKAYOSHI: Lierre, what date this Event shall be held?
LIERRE: March 9-10, JST, at K-Arena Yokohama. You have to visit their homepage for more details.
TAKAYOSHI: Looks interesting. I will be rooting for Aqours… And Saint Snow, too!

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As they are outside of the campus, Chiharu’s smartphone has received an incoming call from her little sister, Chinatsu.

“Hello? Ah, Nacchan!”

“Big sis! I had saw your video, and it’s amazing!”

“Yeah, and it needs more views in order to generate more money.”

“Generate more money? For what?”

“It’s a long story. For now, let your big sis to get busy in her School Idol activities, from now on, since we are going to compete for the LoveLive! Finals this season!”

“Really? Good luck to you, big sis! I hope that I could become a School Idol, just like you, soon!”

“See you soon, Nacchan! Bye bye!”

The phone conversation has ended when Chiharu ended the call.

And so, Haruka has arrived, seeing Chiharu and her other friends.

“Haruka!” said Chiharu. “You are finally here!”

“Chiharu!” said Haruka, “School Idols are helping out each other. So, I had received a word from Rika Kamiya that I should be helping you guys.”

“Yo!” said Komari. “It’s been a long time seeing you again!”

“That’s Haruka Konoe?” said Takayoshi looking at her. “Hello, cute School Idol! Nice meeting ya!”

Haruka was somehow blushed when Takayoshi said it, and she replied, “Hello, fan! And you are making me blush!”

And so, Chiharu finally talks with Haruka.

“Haruka, my friends were trapped in the other world. And we need your support in order for us to rescue them!”

“And I had saw your first PV online! Hoping that you could reveal the other members in your video, soon! Then, how about we do our live show, together?”

“Live show… With you?”

“That’s right! And we are indeed preparing for the LoveLive! Finals this season!”

“So as do we. But unless we could able to rescue my friends, then there is a possibility…”

“We can make it possible! Chiharu, let’s sing and dance together on our upcoming live show tomorrow! And we could help you to promote your School Idol Group!”

“Thank you, Haruka! Of course, some people will get to root for us when we are there!”

Komari then said, “I think it’s decided. We are going to perform alongside with Haruka tomorrow! Therefore, it is the birth of our group, the Idol Stars League!”

“Alright!” said Takayoshi. “It’s time to do our Live Show Rescue Plan! Girls, I am going to help you out!”

And then, the girls, Chiharu, Komari, and Haruka are smiling at him. Takayoshi was surprised, and was also embarrassed. And they laughed.

“Chiharu, let’s go this!” said Haruka. “And we are going to save your friends!”

“We stand ready, Haruka!” said Chiharu.

It was already sunset. And finally, the two girls have shaked their hands.

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