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Find Yohane’s Staff!

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Overview (Story)
“My staff is gone…”

The festival in Numazu has just begun, and all of the girls are doing and enjoying activities there. It seems that all are enjoying at the festival, until Yohane’s staff went missing. Where did she misplace her staff the last?

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Review time! The Episode where Aqours did unite again! And Lailaps was scared to death.

Seemingly, the girls are doing their usual charms and cute acts in order to please their audience. And then, the usual team ups and tandem do really occur here, such as with Chika and You, and fans already know them, right? Some other characters aren’t trying to complement here, or otherwise being hard-nosed, such as with Kohaku, Dia’s assistant. Yep, and I can’t even detail some of the other cute happenings here, and the best part is by watching them by yourself.

Yohane is seemingly getting to improve here, in terms of socialization with people, though that still some of her actions are bit erratic. Of course, Lailaps can give her a bit of scolding because Yohane did it again.

Story is basically you would be related when you watch it for the message. It is basically teaching us on how to be cautious with the things around us, as well as to be aware at our own surroundings and belongings.

My thoughts for this Episode is really kind of mixed up. Even if I am watching for the message, still I am getting distracted by some unwanted fillers. But then, that’s normal, for me and that’s okay. And finally, I could get to see Aqours performing as a group here, with their featured song MV playing at the end of this Episode — with Yohane as the center. Yep, and their stage costumes are cute as usual, with variations. And seeing them in one picture makes my heart floating in the air.

Of course, on what I had learned from this Episode, we should try to always be aware at our surroundings and belongings. Who knows that you might lose something important at anytime, when you try to travel or even move around in a place that you are right now. It is a matter of fact that we should not blame others whenever we did something wrong, such as for Yohane blaming Lailaps for not paying attention. And there might be a saying that, “You can win something big, yet you lose something important.”

Overall, this Episode is really average to good. But then, this time I had really never enjoyed this Episode this time. However, their MV has made my decision to rate this a bit higher constantly.

My Rating: GOOD (3.6/5)

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Series Info
Yohane the Parhelion (Genjitsu no YOHANE)

This series can be streamed on Crunchyroll (Worldwide, excluding Asia).

This Anime series premiered on ABEMA TV earlier by a week since June 25, 2023, with a Japan TV broadcast on July 2, 2023.

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