SPECIAL EPISODE: When Rivals Become Friends

As the Idol Chasers are continuing their mission and adventures as School Idol fans, let’s have a break, for the meantime!

One day, Saki goes out for a walk, and she leaves out the maid cafe, as the Idol Chasers are either doing their work shift or having classes during that day.

As she is traveling somewhere, she has stumbled on a familiar school that she has never seen before.

Right now, let’s see what happens when she visited that familiar school!

And this is Lierre talking to you, reader.

Saki is driving along the driveway with her van. She is travelling somewhere.

That time before her departure, she talks with Honoka.

“Honoka, would you be in charge, for the meantime, in this maid cafe while I am away?”

“Sure! But then, where are you going?”

“I am going out to visit some school today. And that school director of that school has invited me for a chat.”

“Really? Does it have any relation to School Idols?”

“Who knows? Maybe some chit-chat talk… Or even, talking some reminiscing memories of our youth.”

“I see…”

“I will be back later early evening. Just tell everyone to work hard until I return, okay?”

“Sure, will do!”

Finally, Saki has left the maid cafe. And Honoka was now in charge.

Saki finally parked her van into an available car parking. She then walked further, until she has finally arrived on that “familiar” girls’ high school.

“Yuigaoka, huh?” Saki said, and she finally proceeds inside.

She was then blocked by some girls who were students of that school.

“Hi, miss!”

“What comes into your mind visiting Yuigaoka? Did you have somebody to meet?”

Saki replied to the girls and said, “I have been invited by your school director for a talk. May you show me the way to her room, please?”

And so, Saki did really make it to the School Director’s office. And now, she meets with her face to face.

“Thank you for your invitation, Yuigaoka School Director.”

“My pleasure. Have yourself a good time in this school while we talk.”

“What was your goal in inviting me? Does it involve School Idols?”

“Looks like it. But then, it is really informative to see almost all of the known schools here in Japan are having these School Idol Clubs lately.”

“Yeah, and as a result of that Legendary School Idol group…”

“And because of them, a lot of known School Idol groups have been formed.”

“Say, how is this school going so far?”

“Well, it is just progressing. I am really sure that Hana is happy now today because of its growth.”

“You mean, Hana Hazuki? Yeah, and she is the one who has defeated my School Idol Group in the LoveLive! Finals that day.”

“Hana… She is truly missed by the people whom had loved and adored her, as a School Idol.”

“We had met once when we were rivals. But never again after she just graduated.”

“When she had founded and established this school, she had entrusted it to me, at the time before she passed away.”

“I see now.”

And then, suddenly, a door knock has been heard, and the school director allowed it to enter inside.

“Oh, it’s you, Miss Hazuki,” said the school director.

“I got the proposed schedule prepared, and were planned by the student council,” said the girl named Ren Hazuki. “I am here for your approval.”

“Okay. Just put them on my desk, and I am going to sign it later. I am talking with my visitor here.”

“Thank you very much! And who is this visitor?”

“She is a friend of mine. Don’t worry, since she got some connections with your mother.”

“Huh? Really?”

“For the meantime, just return to your student council room. We got something to talk about here.”

Ren bows her head down. After that, she looks at Saki, and she smiled for a half-second. And then, she finally left the office.

“That girl is the daughter of Hana Hazuki, right?” asked Saki.

“Yeah, and that’s Ren Hazuki,” said the school director. “She did form her own School Idol Group, along with Miss Shibuya and others.”

“So, they were the School Idols of this school, right?”

“Liella!, isn’t it? And they were the ones who keep this school alive, and many girls are encouraged to enroll at this school.”

The conversation continues. Saki is talking to the School Director about the various rivals and friends encountered along the way.

“We can make some new and many friends,” said the School Director. “And at the same time, we make new and many rivals and enemies.”

“So far, that’s true,” said Saki. “When we can have many rivals, we can have many friends who can help us in achieving our goals.”

“And there are some rivals and enemies of us that has changed totally our visions. But that does not mean that we believe in them.”

“I am a former School Idol, and I know them. Basically, when there are rivals that can crush you to the bottom, they are also the ones that can make you even stronger.”

“So, what happens afterward when you got dethroned by Hana Hazuki?”

“That time, I did not resort to revenge at all. But instead, I had made friends with her. I had finally reached for my own dreams. So then, right after that, I had finally graduated from being a School Idol. It is a fact that I had made my Baton Pass to Hana.”

“So that’s what happened, basically.”

“She is my worthy rival, who had proved herself. Rather than a rival… She become my friend in the end.”

“Haha… I see… So that’s why rivals are also becoming close friends at the end.”

“For my case, I got my own close friend too. Her name is Mikako Kira.”

“Mikako Kira?”

“We used to be partners in a School Idol Group that we had formed. But not for long until she has faced away from the sight of reality.”

“So what has happened after she cuts ties from you?”

“After our final encounter in the LoveLive! Finals, she finally disappeared after she lost for the second time.”


“And then, she is now my rival in the darkness. She even formed her own group or organization, and she is showing hatred towards School Idols.”

“And that is a sad, yet dangerous moment to happen. Be careful, Saki Kitagawa.”

“Say, had Liella! faced powerful rivals and groups before?”

“All I can say is… Yes. They had faced powerful rivals before, during their struggles in the LoveLive! Competition.”

“All the time, these were actually connected to the past School Idol groups who had faced their same rivals, and experiencing dilemma and frustration.”

“You do?”

“μ’s is to A-RISE. Aqours is to Saint Snow.”

“And Liella! has faced Sunny Passion as their rival.”

“So then, getting a defeat is a part of experience. And those make them stronger.”

“Really? That’s true. And these girls are ready to win their first LoveLive! at anytime.”

“I know that my own rival is now experiencing humiliaton and guilt. But, I know that there is still hope for me to save her. And then, is there any advice that I could get from you in order to help my rival Mikako out?”

“You know, we are just the same. All we need to do is to help out each other. Just remember to always love your rivals. No matter on who they are, and on whatever they do, the only thing that you can do is to believe in them. It doesn’t matter on how many times you got betrayed, but you must keep on to believe, and to forgive. And those are one of the things that Hana has taught to me.”

“Thank you for your advices, Yuigaoka School Director! With these advices, I can finally figure out on how to save Mikako Kira from total despair and darkness!”

“You are welcome, Saki Kitagawa.”

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Their conversation and meeting has finally come into a close. Saki finally makes her final talk with the School Director.

“May I know on where I could find Liella!, the School Idol Group of this school?” asked Saki.

“Maybe I could answer that, but I could not show them to you on where they are now,” replied the School Director. “Since you were one of Hana Hazuki’s connections, I may give you permission to look around at this school if you want.”

“Thank you very much. I can look for them by myself.”

And this ends the talk between Saki and the School Director.

As Saki is out from the school, and the time is already sunset, she saw a lot of girls who are standing outside, readying themselves to go home.

As she is walking out from the entrance, she encountered at least two students on her way. Those two students had finally noticed her, and these are:

“Eh? Who is this person?” asked Kanon Shibuya.

“This person… That’s right! She was talking with the School Director a while ago,” said Ren Hazuki.

“You know her, right?”

And then, Saki finally speaks to them and said, “It is nice meeting with you, people. Are you the School Idols from Yuigaoka, Liella!, right?”

Then, their attention was finally on Saki now.

“My name is Saki Kitagawa. And I am a School Idol from the past, just like you.”


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