EPISODE 08: Decisive Battle! Hyoshiro’s Streak (Part 2)

The National Tournament Finals has commenced! However, the other four players had volunteered to concede themselves in order to give way to Takayoshi and Hyoshiro, for the championship.

At the first round, Hyoshiro got his win against Takayoshi, and he must only need one point in order to win his long-reigning championship streak.

So then, this is the final decisive battle between the two. Who would win? Will it be Hyoshiro again? Or Takayoshi will finally become a champion for the first time?

Find out by reading this Story Episode!

“So, are you ready to lose again, Takayoshi?” asked Hyoshiro with an arrogance.

“Ain’t turning back either on your reigning streak,” Takayoshi replied back. “This is our final decisive battle!”

And then, the two players had taken their positions and they are ready to play the next round song.

The MC announces their next song and said, “The next round song is… Colorful Dreams! Colorful Smiles!

The audiences heard that it was their school’s song made by their own School Idol group.

“If Hyoshiro wins here, he will be the champion for this season! Otherwise, if Takayoshi wins, there will be a third final round song!”

It seems that Takayoshi and Hyoshiro are ready.

“Let the second round begin!”

When the song isn’t playing yet, Takayoshi thinks about his own past memories again. He thinks from the time that he was a child, until he has grown up meeting with some friends, as well as encountering some various experiences when he was playing various rhythm games. When he was a kid, he has learned on how to play a beat rhythm game in a previous video game that he has played.

“I want to become stronger…” He said. “I have so much things to learn as a grow older. When I die, I will never be able to learn these again!! That’s right, I have to value my own life in which it cannot be replaced! I have to win. It is because when the time that I can’t play anymore, I will never experience something like this ever again in my life!”

Takayoshi was filled with focus on his mind, and he was ready.

And so, the second round MASTER song has started playing.

The song plays, and both are heated in the battle. Hyoshiro was keeping himself cool. However, there is a lone beat note in a slide notes that made him miss in just one note.

“What!?” said Hyoshiro in a whispering manner. “That’s fine. I am gonna win my championship again! Bring it on, Takayoshi!”

In the chorus part, Takayoshi keeps on, and never misses a note. He is around over 400 combo count. Despite the barrage notes that is coming, he is just maintaining his proper pacing in rhythm, and gets more Perfect hits. However, at the almost ending of the song, he got a miss note when the touch hold has failed suddenly.

The song is finished, while both players did not finish with a Full Combo Finish. And so, the results are in.

And when the MC announces the results, so does the results that appeared on the screen.

“The winner for this round is… Takayoshi Kitagawa! He has only 5 Perfects difference from Hyoshiro!”

And so, the audiences have made their cheering voices louder. They are chanting Takayoshi’s name, while waving their colored penlights.

The Idol Chasers, on the other hand, at the audience upper seat had made their comments.

“You can do it! Just one more win, and that’s it!” said Chiharu.

“Go, Senpai! You are one step closer to your dreams!” said Aika.

“Taka-Bro! Don’t let our sacrifices be in vain!” said Sho to him.

“You can do it, Takayoshi! Fight!” said Lierre.

“Takayoshi… I can’t believe that you had made it this far!” said Mami.

“Just one more win!” said Komari. “We will do some party if you win as a champion!”

“It seems that Hyoshiro is weakening already,” said Gen. “Now it’s your chance!”

“Brother…” said Jun. “It seems you are now at your limit.”

“It’s not over yet. Takayoshi, just calm yourself down, and throw away your doubts!” said Kougi.

“My dear,” said Saki. “Go ahead and beat him with all you got!”

It seems that Honoka is hiding herself in a gray shroud clothes, with her face mask on. She was also waving her penlights and said, “Challenger, go fight! Oops… I hope that nobody notices me here.”

And then, some girls noticed her, and they decided to sit next to her. Honoka was somehow becoming timid, and the girls around her are starting to laugh at her with a smile.

And finally, the final round song has been announced. This time, WE WILL!! shall be the MASTER song to play.

And the MC said, “The winner of this round shall be the champion! Good luck to both of you! Let the final round begin!”

And then the song has started playing.

Both of the players are in their serious state, and they get as many Perfect hits as they can. At the part before the chorus, Takayoshi’s time has stopped and something has creeped into his mind.

When the surrounding lights are bright, Takayoshi finally sees a School Idol with orange hair and red eyes.

She comes near to him and said, “School Idols… They are just like your little sisters! You take good care of them, and you always nurture them because they are always at your side to guide you to the path leading to your dreams!”

“Those lines…” said Takayoshi. “I had said those before, right?”

And then, more School Idols have appeared before him, and they come near. They said these lines.

“Do it! Don’t let your doubts block you!”

“Never hesistate!”

“Being yourself is just you, isn’t it!?”

“Don’t let another tears of somebody to fall… Never again!”

All of their feelings have gathered, and they entered Takayoshi’s heart.

Finally, the time has resumed. Hyoshiro and Takayoshi had made their final crossing.

“Go ahead! Show me what you got, challenger! Champion…is mine!”

“Hyoshiro! Let’s end this!”

At the final slide, and when the last note is hit, the final round song is over. And so, the audiences have stopped their cheers, and they became silent.

Both of the players on the stage are panting with their breaths.

“Wow, that rhythm gaming battle was intense!” said the MC. “It was just like seeing them on a movie! But the question is… Who is now the champion?”

The results are in. And when the results have been shown…

“The winner of this SIF National Tournament Finals this season is…”

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AIKA: Well, what a week for the happenings in the LoveLive! Series!
LIERRE: And then, here are some new updates that popped out from the recent days this Episode!
MAMI: I wondered on what are those? I heard that the Hasunosora’s new Link! Like! LoveLive! game app has been officially released recently.
SAKI: That’s one recent news! But for the others, what are some to expect?

ALL: This is the Headlines! What are the things that happened in the past days in the School Idol World? Stage Start!

Aqours Updates

Urajo Radio JMA (Featuring YYY)

Let’s have them tabulated for details! Meanwhile, the first one in the series shall start tomorrow!

NMZKiramesse Numazu (Shizuoka)May 28, 2023 (Sun)
3:30 pm / 7:00 pm JST
NMBZepp Namba (Osaka)June 3, 2023 (Sat)
3:30 pm / 7:00 pm JST
8OJJ:COM Hall Hachioji (Tokyo)June 24, 2023 (Sat)
3:30 pm / 7:00 pm JST
Hosts: YYY (Shuka Saito (You), Aika Kobayashi (Yohane), and Ai Furihata (Ruby))

There would be a paid live streaming version for fans outside of Japan! And make sure that you could participate in watching or listening to this stream, if in case you wanna check out for some sudden announcements!

UPDATE (May 26, 2023): Ai Furihata (Ruby) will not be making her appearance tomorrow due to poor physical health condition. As confirmed by the staff, the other members will continue their live event as scheduled without Ai Furihata.

Source: LoveLive! Series Official

It is uncertain that she might be cancelling her appearance in the next venue next week. But, stay tuned to their feed for more updates! Get well soon!

AIKA: Radio paid live stream? Looks so interesting.
MAMI: And the three members of Aqours shall be making their appearance at their radio live show. And then, hoping for the one member out there to get well soon!
AIKA: Yeah, get well soon! Now, I know why their unit group is named as YYY. Do you know why is it named as like that?
MAMI: The answer can be found in their Today’s Aqours video Episode on YouTube!

Aqours Livestream (May 29, 2023)

SAKI: For the Aqours Livestream, it shall be hosted by Nanaka Suwa, Aina Suzuki, and Ai Furihata.
LIERRE: It shall be streamed via YouTube, and on its other related streaming networks on May 29, 2023, at 7:30 pm JST!
SAKI: Make sure to tune-in to get latest info about their merch, live shows, and some content updates to the SIF2!
LIERRE: Somehow, they might preview here Mari Ohara’s song in the Third Solo Concert Album Series!
SAKI: Who knows when, or might, huh?

Nijigasaki Updates

Ai Miyashita’s Birthday!

Ai Miyashita’s birthday is celebrated every 30th of May. She is a cute and bubbly girl!

Somehow, she would be featured as a weekly character on the another publishing block of IDS, which is The Spotlight! Catch her up on that publishing block, soon!

The Spotlight! Publishing every Tuesdays at 8:00 am PHT! Only on Inori-D Station.

For the birthday greetings for Ai Miyashita, it shall be included next Episode! Look forward into it!

Liella! Updates

The Sub-Unit Names

The Unit Names for the Team Liella! has been revealed! So then, let the female Idol Chasers detail them for you.

LIERRE: You have until tomorrow to vote for your favorite sub-unit name!
AIKA: If you are a resident within Japan, you can vote for these names!
SAKI: There are three (3) Liella! sub-unit groups! You just need to select one group name, one for each sub-unit group.
MAMI: All of those names are cute and… funny at the same time. Therefore, you should pick what’s the best for them!
LIERRE: Voting ends at 11:59 pm JST tomorrow! What are you waiting for? Voting form link is given on the embedded Tweet above of this headline!

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SHO: Thank you for the news, girls! Taka-Bro, Gen! It’s finally our turn!
GEN: Speaking about LoveLive! games… Something interesting is happening in the SIF2 side.
TAKAYOSHI: Well, I hope that I could finish the Event with a Gold Rank this time… In Event Points Ranking!

ALL: This is the Games Updates! What are the things spotted in this Episode — on the SIF2 and LLAS Sides? S.I.F. !!

School Idol Festival

The Memories of LLSIF – Mini-Episode 7

Previously, we had talked about the Login Streak, or the term that means you had never missed a day in logging in to the game in order to get any important items that is significant in strengthening you own account. This time, we are going to talk about the next topic, which is, in fact, had made me busy playing, and making me lose time at everything!

Mini-Episode 7: Event Grinding

In the game itself, in order to prove yourself and to compete in various ways, you just need to play and grind into the Event!

In the original LLSIF, Events are occurring at every 5th and 20th days of every month, which means that there are at least two (2) Events that are played every month. There are at least six (6) types of Events that are played on rotation.

Namely, there would be Icon Collection, Score Match, Medley Festival, Challenge Festival, and Companion Match. Each Events are having their own, unique mechanics on how to gain Event Points, and to get various rewards, like the featured Event SRs and URs!

Aqours Icon Collection: You Are My Best Partner
(October 20 to 31, 2019 JST)

So then, if you like to go competitive, then you just need to play several times, and to get even more and tremendous Event Points in order to raise your ranking! You can do so when you had gathered all of the Event Points Rewards from the Event! And so, greater and better item rewards are awaiting for the players who had successfully defended their ranking cutoffs!

Aqours Round 24 Challenge Festival
(August 20 to 31, 2020 JST)

Basically, you ain’t just playing hard in order to defend your overall Event Points Ranking to drop drastically. But the Score Rankings are also important in order to get and receive some better rewards, when you score higher on your “specialty” meta song!

So then, that’s one of the reasons why I am so busy at playing, and having already no time at anything!

TAKAYOSHI: Yep, and I had successfully defended my Event Points Rank from dropping to 501. At least, I had made it before the Event Period has ended.
SHO: Why defending my rank is so difficult!? I am just only sleeping for two hours, and my rank has dropped from 678 to 1,000!?
GEN: That’s why consistency in your schedules is a must in order to have things to go smoothly as planned! You can play hard all day. But never forget to sleep regularly at night!

Earlier, there are only five Events that are mentioned in this Mini-Episode. What could the sixth one which was never mentioned? Find out next week!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Theme Song Single Now Available!

Their newest theme song single, the MIRACLE NEW STORY, has been released! And this can be streamed on some music streaming networks, like Spotify!

What can the male Idol Chasers say about this one?

TAKAYOSHI: So far… So good.
SHO: Its note beatmap is so difficult, even on EXPERT difficulty!
GEN: And this song has also appeared on the original LLSIF, as a B-Side Song, and a song that can be played on the Setlist Event.
TAKAYOSHI: And Team Liella! has also made a video while playing this song on the SIF2.
SHO: Why am I always missing at the middle part of the song before the chorus?
GEN: And this song was also the featured Event Song to be played on the first Miracle Collection Event.
TAKAYOSHI: So then, this is really a new challenge for the players, whether old or new!


The Remaining Story Chapters

So then, as of this Episode, all of the Story Chapters were unlocked, and you don’t need to read the entire chapters in order to unlock another chapter or a song! Instead, you can read them for free, until the game shuts down next month!

SHO: I wonder on what’s going to happen to the Nijigasaki Girls, once they had finally found their true selves?
TAKAYOSHI: Who knows what’s gonna happen, if you are going to read all of them until the end! Though that I ain’t reading that much in the game’s story.
GEN: Well, we just need to enjoy all of the Nijigasaki in the game. But the thing is…
SHO: If you wanna keep them intact, you can record on what’s happening on that chapter, so that you have a proof or reference!

Channel Weekly Bulletin
TOP or FLOP? Did your best girl win this time?
JP #112
GL/EN #99
1Yohane Aqours18,880

The male Idol Chasers will comment this time!

SHO: Looked the same, though. When there was this ongoing campaign, the numbers and digits will be just the same!
GEN: Yep, and we do expect that Ai Miyashita and Nozomi Tojo are the next in line.
TAKAYOSHI: Remember to fight and play until the very end, friends! I hope that I could finish the ranking period with my best girl being on the Top One… For the very last time!

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The audiences are nervous at the upcoming result, so does to the Idol Chasers who were about to see it.

“We got a new champion! Takayoshi Kitagawa is our champion for this season! Congratulations!!”

The results were shown. Takayoshi got an All Perfect Finish on the final round song. Hyoshiro, on the other hand, got one miss.

Everyone in the Idol Chasers had went on the stage to congratulate Takayoshi on his win.

On the other hand, Hyoshiro is suddenly acting strange, and a dark aura is emitting out from his body. And so, the Nega Cell has finally detached from his body, and it is now looking for a new host.

And when Takayoshi looks at his back, when the Nega Cell was about to touch him, Komari intercepts, and she destroys it with her pistol.

“Just I thought,” said Komari. “This is the work of the Black Lace Ribbons.”

Jun sees the fainted Hyoshiro. And she said, “Guys, just leave my brother to me. And thank you for saving him for me.”

“We guessed that we have finally solved the problem,” said Chiharu.

“My dear!” said Saki and she hugs him. “I am so proud!”

And so, they had celebrated Takayoshi’s championship victory. And everyone in the audience side are cheering loudly while waving their colorful penlights.

The MC announced and said, “And this is the end of the SIF National Tournament this year, in the Day 1 of the Fan Thanksgiving Festival! See you at Day 2!”

While everyone is celebrating, Haruka and her School Idol Group are standing from the distance. And she said, “Chiharu, see you at the Day 2.” Finally, they moved away from sight.

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The Bonus Stage
LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode OVA: Next Sky Promo Video

This Episode OVA shall follow the events right after the SEASON TWO of the Anime. What else does the School Idol Club has to encounter, right after Ayumu’s arrival from London?

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Next Sky

Premiering on June 23, 2023 in Japan theaters! Blu-Ray release announced!

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