EPISODE 07: Decisive Battle! Hyoshiro’s Streak (Part 1)

In my Digitariel, it contains the adventures of the Idol Chasers, and a School Idol who is in her way to stardom, named as Chiharu Umiboshi.

In the open campus of Nijigasaki High School, there goes the Fan Thanksgiving Festival Event, in which it was held annually in some random schools.

And then, Takayoshi finally meets Hyoshiro and his group. Now, the time for the rematch for glory has come!

So then, according to the next page written here… Takayoshi will… Oops, I am going so far already.

It’s time to read the rest in the Story Episode! I am Lierre, the School Idol Oracle, who is speaking to you, reader.

It was a shiny morning at the Nijigasaki High School open campus! There are lots of exhibits and booths there, which would showcase School Idols.

And then, at the gymnasium area, audiences have gathered. And there, it was the start of the National Tournament Finals of the SIF rhythm game.

“Howdy, people!” the MC said. “Welcome to the SIF National Tournament! Today, we shall be welcoming the Top 6 people who had made it to our finals!”

The audiences are already screaming and cheering inside.

The MC introduced one by one the finalists who will compete for the Finals. And they are…

Mitsu, Seiba, Sho Ukiya, Gen Sakurauchi, Takayoshi Kitagawa, and Hyoshiro Kiriyama.

However, when it comes to Hyoshiro, the audiences gave him a loud boo chant instead. Hyoshiro doesn’t seem to care about it.

At the audience side, some members of the Idol Chasers are watching.

“This is great!” said Aika. “This time, I am well-rooted for Senpai to win!”

“And now,” said Lierre. “This is my first time in seeing how Takayoshi plays a rhythm game in a championship match!”

“This is exciting!” said Komari. “Come on, Takayoshi! Beat Hyoshiro’s butt!”

“Wow, so this a national tournament, huh?” asked and said Mami. “Takayoshi, you can do it!”

“Win this time, my dear!” said Saki. “Don’t let our support be in vain!”

Chiharu finally arrives and was able to sit down next to her friends, and said, “Sorry, I am late! But then, I just made it on time!”

Lierre then talks to Chiharu and asked, “Speaking of going out early, where did you go, Chiharu?”

“Um… I went early because I got a call from my friend, Haruka,” she replied.

“I see… But then, you just need to set it aside for the meantime, and save that conversation for later!”

“Okay! Right now, let’s cheer for our boys!”

And so, the MC speaks to the public about the mechanics of the finals in the national tournament.

“The first part of our national tournament is a tag team head on! Since there are six finalists, it shall be divided into two teams! In fact, three players will do matchup against the other three players! And this will be a best—“

The mechanics description by the MC was cut short, when Sho interrupts and said, “I am gonna concede from this tournament!”

The audiences were surprised.

It was then followed by Gen who also said, “I shall also concede. I shall leave it to Takayoshi who must be the champion of this tournament!”

Takayoshi looks at Sho and Gen, and he said, “Thank you guys. You had helped me in reaching here once again in the finals!”

“Go get him, Taka-Bro!” said Sho.

“This is the only farthest that we can get,” said Gen. “Aim for victory, Takayoshi!”

With his eyes and will of determination, Takayoshi finally steps in to the stage. He was looking towards Hyoshiro, Mitsu, and Seiba.

The audiences’ cheering voices are going higher and louder.

“Even if your friends quit, they are seemingly useless to win against the champion — me!” said Hyoshiro with arrogance.

Suddenly, Mitsu and Seiba took their face turns on Hyoshiro, and they step down.

“Sorry, but I ain’t going to challenge someone who thinks that his championship match is 100 percent sure-win.”

“Even though that I am going to face you at the end, you are still the champion!”

Hyoshiro can’t believe that his teammates were stepping down from him, and he said, “Hey, don’t leave me behind! We can still win this, and Takayoshi is the only player standing!”

The MC doesn’t have any idea on what is happening. When she saw that only Hyoshiro and Takayoshi are standing left, she has made an announcement to the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen! The four finalists had decided to step down from the first part of our national tournament finals! In fact, their results were ended in a ‘Did Not Finish’ result! Only the remaining players, Takayoshi Kitagawa and Hyoshiro Kiriyama, were left standing on the stage. The committee has decided that we are finally proceeding to the final part of the tournament! So then, the final match will be Takayoshi versus Hyoshiro, for the championship title!”

And so, the audiences had gave their louder cheers even more to them.

And finally, Takayoshi and Hyoshiro will head on face to face for their final showdown.

“Hyoshiro! Time to settle this!”

“Takayoshi! I have been waiting for this! Let’s go, for the championship!”

The MC announced the mechanics for the head-on finals!

“The mechanics are simple! The respective players must get a score of two to win! There are at least three songs to challenge! And they are of MASTER difficulty! The player who gets the most number of Perfects, irregardless if it is a Full Combo Finish or not, gets a score!”

And so, the Idol Chasers are getting nervous on what is going to happen next. And the audiences are excited, too.

“Alright, let’s begin!” said the MC. “The first song to challenge is… Aqours Pirates Desire!”

The two players are now in their playing positions. And then, the round has been started with the first song.

As the round is going on, Mami is looking at Takayoshi. She feels the determination on Takayoshi’s face, knowing that he would win.

Hyoshiro is feeling good in his own accuracy in hitting the notes properly with a Perfects hit. Takayoshi, on the other hand, is looking serious.

Both of the players ended with a Full Combo Finish. And the results were up.

“And the winner of this round is…” announced the MC. “Hyoshiro Kiriyama!”

The audiences were surprised of the result, so does with the Idol Chasers.

“Hyoshiro got one point! And he must need only one point to win the championship!”

Takayoshi requested for a timeout, and he steps down from the stage.

“You can timeout at anytime,” said the arrogant Hyoshiro. “You cannot still win against me, and your ending is just the same last season!”

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SAKI: It seems that both Nijigasaki and Liella! are becoming more active lately, and they release more projects than usual to the public.
LIERRE: Meanwhile, Aqours is just about to release their remaining stuff, like that two remaining albums in their Third Solo Concert Album Series! What else do they have to release, unless if they announce something new and surprising!
AIKA: Ah! And that Genjitsu no YOHANE Anime! I am sure that Sho-chan will love it!
MAMI: It is a matter of fact that it is really getting closer, soon.
SAKI: And… Don’t even forget about the Nijigasaki OVA Movie to be premiered soon, and it is just around a month away from this Episode! You can check them later at the end of this Episode!

ALL: This is the Headlines! What are the things spotted in this week on LoveLive! Series?

Aqours Updates

Mari Ohara’s Album in Third Solo Concert Album Series!

And then, next month is the release of Mari Ohara’s new song within the Third Solo Concert Album Series! We wondered on what could be the title of that song? Find out, as they might be giving details of it via their official SNS accounts, and on their future Aqours Livestreams!

LIERRE: I think Komari might be getting a glimpse about her past now… By just listening to this song to be released soon by the team!
SAKI: No doubt about it. Could it be Komari’s first clue?
LIERRE: And this album, to give you some info, shall be released on her birthday, June 13th.
SAKI: Look forward into this release, School Idol fans!

Nijigasaki Updates

Collab with Dengeki Bunko to Produce a Spin-Off Light Novel

Team Nijigasaki teams up with Dengeki Bunko (Publishing label by KADOKAWA) in order to release a spin-off light novel series based from the “fictional” light novel book which is read by Setsuna Yuki in the Anime and in LLAS game!

The title is (that’s very long) Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Guren no Kenki ~Flame Sword Princess~. This spin-off light novel series shall begin its publication on August 10, 2023.

Lierre will give it a synopsis!

LIERRE: Guren no Kenki is a light novel series which was the favorite book to read by Setsuna Yuki. Because with her love to depict herself as the character in the story, the School Idol Club decides to help Setsuna to film an adaptation video, which stars her as the main character.
SAKI: Indeed. Guren no Kenki is Setsuna Yuki’s favorite light novel book to read as an Anime fan.
LIERRE: By the way, had you done Cosplay?
SAKI: I haven’t yet. Maybe, I had done it since when I was a School Idol, perhaps?
LIERRE: How about doing a Cosplay while revealing your assets and such? I am sure that—
SAKI: Zettai yada da! (Definitely, I won’t!)

Solo Song Series and 5th Album Announced

Let the female Idol Chasers detail them for you to understand!

LIERRE: These stuffs were announced during at their last Nijigasaki Livestream, which was dated last Thursday, May 18, 2023!
AIKA: Good thing we got them covered! Since I was busy that time when this livestream happened!
SAKI: Moreover, their solo “romantic” songs’ release shall be announced at a later date. I wondered if this could be similar to Aqours’ Solo Concert Album Series?
MAMI: No wonder. If they could also follow Aqours’ format, then their release dates shall be at their respective character birthdays!
LIERRE: And don’t forget about their impending 5th Album, which shall serve as their theme song for their upcoming 6th Live, which was announced a week ago!
AIKA: And be sure to check out the voting for their costumes! Voting period is from May 18 until May 28, 2023 JST!

Liella! Updates

TODAY: Liella! Livestream (May 20, 2023)

And later evening, after this Episode, there would be an upcoming livestream from Team Liella! at 8:00 pm JST! It shall be hosted by Sayuri Date (Kanon), Nozomi Suzuhara (Kinako), and Aya Emori (Natsumi).

They shall be talking about their recent collab event with a clothing and fashion brand, as well as their celebration release of their new song and single, the MIRACLE NEW STORY! Tune-in to their livestream to get latest info about their merch, live events, and content updates in SIF2!

AIKA: Collab with a clothing fashion brand. Interesting.
MAMI: Aika, what’s with that grin?
AIKA: Hehehe… They were just giving me ideas on my next costume project for my live show and Cosplay!
MAMI: Uh oh…

Other Updates

LoveLive! Series Will Make Appearance on Anime Expo 2023

The representative people will make appearance on the upcoming Anime Expo 2023 on July 1, 2023!

Those people, who would be appearing, are Aika Kobayashi (Yohane), Mayu Sagara (Kasumi), and Sayuri Date (Kanon). And as usual, they would be promoting some stuff to the American audience: Like that Nijigasaki OVA, the anticipated SIF2 Global EN Version (Or the upcoming Season 3 of LoveLive! Superstar!!), and the most awaited Aqours’ spinoff Anime, the Yohane the Parhelion!

These are something to watch out, for people else worldwide!

LIERRE: Worldwide audience… These people are so lucky.
SAKI: Who knows that there are still more surprises coming?
AIKA: Uhhhhhh… I am so nervous!
MAMI: Call it excitement… While you are nervous!
LIERRE: Look forward into their more stuffs to be released sooner in the future days!

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TAKAYOSHI: Thanks for the updates, girls!
SHO: Yep, and I am really getting excited about Yohane’s Anime!
GEN: We just have to wait a bit longer.
TAKAYOSHI: Speaking of the games, what are the things to expect to encounter soon?

ALL: This is the Games Updates! Stage Start! S.I.F. !!

School Idol Festival

The Memories of LLSIF – Mini-Episode 6

Previously, we have talked about on dealing with some harder difficulty songs, especially with the songs under MASTER difficulty. It really requires your patience when dealing with them in order to land a Full Combo finish against them. Remember that only your temper and frustration can really prevent you to finish them on a Full Combo, no matter how harder you concentrate.

Mini-Episode 6: Login Streak

Right now, let us talk about the Login Bonus Items that you get from the game. Usually, it ranges from simple upgrade items, up to the time that you could get a Love Gem for free. Sometimes, you can get a Free Promo UR by just logging in to the game!

And then, let’s talk about the Login Streak! Login Streak refers to the player who has regularly logged into the game daily without missing a day. But then, what does make a player to not miss a login? Of course, there are exciting Login Bonus Events and Campaigns for the players to take on with, and it contains some items for them to make use in order to make their accounts grow stronger. And they must login daily during that campaign period in order to get all of these items!

Take this LoveLive! Superstar!! SEASON TWO Login Bonus Campaign as an example of keeping your Login Streak up and running!

And as usual, you will never be able to get the last item from that login campaign, if you just miss at least one day! So, be careful!

In LLSIF, you just need to login everyday during the month in order to get a “Login Complete” notification! Which means, there is an achievement that you can share and flaunt with your friends!

TAKAYOSHI: Well, I have known that game for at least 10 years. And still, I am keeping to move on stronger on adventures.
SHO: Well, our journey for that game is over now.
GEN: But still, we got some more things to talk about in the succeeding mini-Episodes of this, though!
TAKAYOSHI: And “The End”… That doesn’t mean it is really over, after all.

In the next Mini-Episode, we talk about “Event Grinding“. See you next time!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Miracle Collection: Numazu’s A One Fine Place

For this time on, you have to grind into this Event in order to win an Event UR Hanamaru Kunikida! Also, the other URs that are obtained from the new Scouting Banner shall be your aid in grinding more Event Points!

Good luck, Idol Chaser.

TAKAYOSHI: Good luck to me, huh?
SHO: Well, the same Miracle Collection Event that we are playing since last April…
GEN: We all know that they had adjusted the ranking cutoffs for the respective rewards.
TAKAYOSHI: If that’s so, I will fight for my best girl, who is Chika!
SHO: Same! I will go for my Yohane, too!
GEN: This Event shall be ending next week. So, do your best in order to stay on the top!


Channel Weekly Bulletin
TOP or FLOP? Did your best girl win?
JP #111
GL/EN #98
1Nico μ’s46,359

Let’s have the male Idol Chasers to comment on the results!

SHO: As usual, the spike in Average Rally Points has caused by the ongoing Event campaign that boosts your item drops when you train School Idols!
GEN: So then, will you really fight for your best girl in the top rankings? I bet that my shadow will make it this time.
TAKAYOSHI: My Chika made it to the top ten again; same as with Honoka in the EN Side with the parallel rank as Chika in the JP Side.
SHO: And whoever is the School Idol who got her birthday to be celebrated nearby, then she would probably be the one to top in the rankings next!
GEN: No doubt. In the next couple of weeks, we got Ai Miyashita and Nozomi Tojo to top next in the succeeding future rankings!
TAKAYOSHI: That’s all for this week’s Channel Weekly Bulletin! Read the next highlight below!

STORY: Heart Sparkling Jewelry
Event Period: May 22, 2023 3:00pm JST to May 30, 2023 2:59pm JST
Same time and contents as in the JP Side.

Finally, we heard that this could be the LAST Event that this game is offering, before it finally shuts down from the public!

You know the drill about Story Events, don’t you? If that’s so, then play hard, and be victorious!

TAKAYOSHI: Event UR this time is Shioriko. I guess this could be the endgame Event, after all.
SHO: We just need to enjoy its last moments, after all.
GEN: But wait, there’s more! And be sure to read the next one below for some news!

The True Endgame Events!

The male Idol Chasers will detail you about these remaining Events, before the game itself shuts down next month!

TAKAYOSHI: There would be an SBL Final Trilogy Series, which shall start on June 1!
SHO: The Trilogy shall be namely for μ’s, Aqours, and Nijigasaki! One SBL for each group!
GEN: The first part, μ’s, shall be on June 1 until 5!
TAKAYOSHI: The Aqours part shall be on June 12 until 16!
SHO: And the final part shall be on June 22 until 26th, for the Nijigasaki!
GEN: Start time for each is 3:00pm JST, and their end time is 2:59pm JST!
TAKAYOSHI: Refer to your in-game notifs on how to play on this SBL Event!
SHO: But that’s not all! We also have a Dream Live Parade, which shall commence on June 7 until 17th!
GEN: And finally… We have this Voltage Ranking Campaign for some songs within Aqours Side!
TAKAYOSHI: And again, refer to your in-game notifications for the details of these Events!
SHO: So guys, are we ready for the Ultimate Finale of LLAS?
GEN: Definitely, we are. Because the School Idols are already watching and cheering for us.

ALL: And that’s it for the LLAS highlights for this Episode!

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At the backstage, Takayoshi was talking with everyone in the Idol Chasers. Until, Jun Kiriyama has come to join their conversation.

“Takayoshi, I know you were frustrated and angry about my brother. Don’t use your anger to fix things out!”

“I know. But then, with his skills, I don’t think I can win this time,” replied Takayoshi.

Suddenly, an unwanted guest has come inside to talk to Takayoshi.

“Hey, don’t you dare waste everything that you have learned!” said Kougi Haneda.

“Master Kougi!” said the surprised Takayoshi when he was called by his name.

“Don’t be just blindsided by your own vengeance! There’s no value that you can get by just reasoning your doubt! Hey, you said before that you have a dream, right? You are playing because it’s fun, whether you win or lose! In fact, you should never lose the fun factor in you!”

When Takayoshi has realized it, and have his mind open, he finally said, “Thank you, Master Kougi. Everyone! I am going to take away all of my doubts! I will win this time! I ain’t going to repeat on what has happened last season.”

When Takayoshi is ready, he goes back to the stage platform, and he confronts Hyoshiro for the last time.

“So, are you ready to lose again, Takayoshi?” asked Hyoshiro with an arrogance.

“Ain’t turning back either on your reigning streak,” Takayoshi replied back. “This is our final decisive battle!”

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The Bonus Stage
LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode OVA: Next Sky Promo Video

This Episode OVA shall follow the events right after the SEASON TWO of the Anime. What else does the School Idol Club has to encounter, right after Ayumu’s arrival from London?

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Next Sky

Premiering on June 23, 2023 in Japan theaters! Blu-Ray release announced!

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